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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our annual girls trip was slated for last weekend via Kara's nursing and other parameters. This was our fourth annual trip and our numbers change every year due to pregnancies, costs of the trips, other summer vacations, etc. We had one of our smallest crews this year but it was a fun weekend at that. Jessica Bass Vaught offered her parent's Hot Springs condo for our overnight girls weekend, so Kara and I, along with Jimmy Huff's fabulous girlfriend Beth Malone, headed to Little Rock to pick up Jessica and Beth Pleasants Bradshaw. After a great visit in the car, many subjects being covered including nursing, gardening, the droid, families, friends, work, recycling and topped off with tons of laughter, we made it to Jessica's and headed on but wanted to stop for lunch. Jessica suggested this restaurant near her home and we were thrilled with her choice.

We were greeted just before noon and were promptly seated and ordered up our unsweet teas and water. The restaurant had a great patio near the front door but it was too dang hot that day to sit out there even with the fans on. The restaurant is small, I'd say it seats maybe 50 people, and that's a guess. Kara ordered a large cheese dip and chips to share, I cringed when I heard her order an appetizer, but I did partake once served. It was a homemade, creamy cheese dip without rotel, of course. I loved it and we all wiped it out.

For lunch I ordered our server's choice of the Vegetarian Delights, and btw (by the way Kara), I am not a vegetarian but enjoy low fat dining out choices. She picked the Avocado Sandwich, featuring rye bread with avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese, mayo (I had it without), and Italian sauce. I loved, loved it's freshness. All sandwiches are served with homemade chips and a pickle but they gladly substituted fresh fruit which was strawberries and oranges and I loved it! My lunch cost $11.87 without tip and I think that's great!

I did venture to the ladies room before heading on to Hot Springs, it's located through the kitchen which meant I didn't do a hair check walking through or even a forehead scratch, and it was in perfect shape as was the kitchen. This was a wonderful find. Everyone was so pleased with their order and our server. I hope to make it back to Cheers. We continued the "Cheers" and laughter on into Hot Springs and met up with Julie Raffety Boone, who came after work for more laughs and cutting up.

Cheers in the Heights, 2010 N. Van Buren, Little Rock, 501-663-5937

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