Hummus, Birdeye

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jackie and I with cousins Counts Louise and Stephen Shanks
and John Dalton at Sam and Jessica's reception
Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

Gosh, we just came home from Northwest Arkansas for a wedding (Sam Stacy's was so, so nice and the reception is on my top 5 list), I walked in the door and got going on making this Hummus recipe out of my favorite cookbook in all the land, Fresh, from Lake Austin Spa.  I think I've said it a dozen times, but Terry Conlan is a genius!  Becca Jackson, fellow biker and triathlete, really got me going on Hummus this year.  On several of our biking trips, she'd bring Hummus either homemade or store bought from our fabulous local grocery store, Hay's.  It's so healthy and some fellow culinary blogs recommend using Hummus instead of mayo to cut the fat and calories.   Thank you Becca for turning me on to this easy dip!

I considered taking a photo of the Hummus but no mater what I do, it would look terrible because Hummus just looks bad and bland, but tastes so great!  I added a picture from the wedding reception at the Fayetteville Town Center. 

Hummus, Terry Conlan

"Along with tabbouleh, hummus is probably the Middle East's most famous food export, and deservedly so.  It is, quite simply, "sustenance" in most positive sense of the word.  Tahini (sesame seed past) is now available in many American grocery stores or at any Mediterranean specialty food stores.  Stir the tahini before using it and store as you would peanut butter.  The amounts of lemon, garlic and spice are a highly individual matter.  Feel free to adjust them to your taste."

15 oz. cooked chickpeas (gartbanzo beans)
2 T. tahini
1/2 c. water
1/4 c. lemon juice, I used the juice of one whole lemon
2 garlic cloves, minced, I used 3
2 T. chopped fresh parsley, I used 3
1/8 t. cayenne, I used 1/2 t.

Place all ingredients in a food processor (I used my fancy new blender from Jackie) and process until smooth.  Transfer to a serving bowl and chill.  Serve with wedges of pita or vegetable sticks.  (I used pita chips).  Yield 48 (1 T) servings.

Nutrients per serving, Cal 19, Protein 1 gr, Carbs 3 gr, Fat 1 gr (but how can that be when Tahini says it's 17 grams per tablespoon?), Sodium 1 gr.

I love, love it!  It's so easy and I had my kitchen picked up in no time!

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