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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Haarlem, on our way from Amsterdam to the Tulip Festival in Keukenhof

This was one of thousands of fields filled with tulips on our way to Keukenhof

Tulip Festival, Keukenhof (we rode 40 miles roundtrip from Amsterdam)

We arrived in Bruges, Belgium by train

Martin was our "mapman" who traced our trip to the cemetery and to Caen,
blog of which will come out in a few days...whew...lol!

I'll have to have an entire blog post about all the dogs and cats in all
the countries.  This was on the street in Bruges, Belgium

We rode bikes from Bayeux, France to the American Cemetery at
Omaha Beach, about 50 miles roundtrip
Saturday, May 7, 2011

Holy cow...the flooding in Memphis is overwhelming!  We got home late last night from our first trip ever out of the country to celebrate my giant 40th birthday and Martin and Kara's 13th anniversary.  I was so wound up from the trip, a long 10 hour flight from Paris to Atlanta then a short ride to Memphis, I didn't sleep a wink and woke up at the crack of dawn (5:30) this morning.  I wanted to share with ya'll a few pictures from the 11 day trip.  Jackie had the trip planned out to a "t" and I think I'll share it country by country over the next few weeks.  We got tons of nice information from lots of people like Anne Levesque Dalton, Chuck and Lisa Blanton and Wendy and Kara also chimed in on a few subjects.  It was amazing, we all kept it together for most of the trip, no major problems except pink eye, traveler's diarrhea, a sprained ankle and some home sickness.  I'm proud to say too that we didn't lose a credit card, passport or my insulin.  Here are some pictures...
On our way to Damme, Belgium (beautiful!)

In Bayeux, France, renting our bikes for the 2 day, 90 mile journey
(Ya'll know I don't like to brag but my black outfit was totally water repellent, another shout out to Gearhead, Kara got drenched the second day.....)

Our last night in Paris, we walked to the Eiffel Tower then down to the
street near our hotel...it was filled with locals and lots of canines...beautiful sunset..more to come (if I can get some rest, dang it)

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  1. Yea! I have been checking to see if you had made it home! Hope the trip was FAB! ReEntry is HELL! Let's get together for a glass of wine soon!