Tulip Festival, Keukenhof

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We rode by multiple fields of tulips...beautiful!

Look at all those flowers...

At the Tulip Festival, Keukenhof, Holland

Another field along the way....

Jackie and me

Cyclists we saw in Haarlem...look at all that stuff on their bikes...
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On day two of the trip, Jackie had planned to rent bikes in Amsterdam and cycle up to the Keukenhof Tulip Festival.  The festival is open from March 20 to May 20 every year.  It is 8,000 acres of tulips and other flowers.

http://www.keukenhof.nl/ from it's website:
Spring at its most beautiful
Nature awakens; slowly, first of all, with winter snowdrops, but then with ever increasing speed. The buds on the trees turn green. Branches sprout, sometimes intertwined with one another. What still felt cold a week ago is now tending towards being on the cool side. In the mornings, the frost makes way for mist. The sun rises higher and higher in the sky. A downpour seems out of place and storms in March almost unheard of. And then, all at once, the first common grape hyacinths appear. By the afternoon, there are already five, and the following day, the first sea of blue bulbs appeared. Your heart skips a beat, and now you know for definite: spring is here! And where better to experience the spring than at Keukenhof? See spring in all its splendour for two whole months.
What do you think of Keukenhof?Your opinion matters. Tell us what you think of Keukenhof and you may win a fantastic package of Keukenhof bulbs. 

Martin, our mapman, took us from Amsterdam to Haarlem on the way to the festival for lunch. Kara picked out a fabulous restaurant called Grand Cafe Doria on the square in Haarlem.  It was a beautiful place to dine outdoors on the cobblestone square.  I had a delicious gnocchi with spinach, Jackie ordered up a pizza and of course, we had some red wine.  We had such a delightful waitress, Sabrina, who did a great job of speaking English with us.

We cycled about 30 miles to the tulip festival from Amsterdam.  We enjoyed riding back to find the train near Haarlem so we could cut our time off a little because it was getting dark.  Kara and I did good and didn't freak too much when we kept backtracking and going down paths that were for pedestrians only.   haha!  We made it and the weather was wonderful.

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