The Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Arlington Hotel

Chloe with Stella in the pool, somehow we lost one of her floaties..
I had to crop Martin and Kara in the background...what are they doing? :)
Sunday, July 18, 2011

Another fabulous Smith Family vacation took place in historical Hot Springs.  Since we last went three years ago, August Wilson Smith has come along as well as Whit's perfect memory of the Treasure Chest toy store just down the street from the Arlington.  He's wanted to go to Hot Springs just to shop in that store since then.  Fun times, I do believe Memaw and Grandad took him there three times in the two days we were in Hot Springs and we left before it opened Sunday morning, you do the math.

Oh the Arlington Hotel, since it opened in 1875, there have been numerous remodels and so forth but I love the rustic, original feel of the historical hotel.  They have upgraded the elevators not too long ago and I love the original tile and iron tubs in the rooms.  The rooms are over sized to what we all compare to a Hampton Inn these days and have new tvs. We've enjoyed the Arlington for over 20 years and my thing about the hotel is how dark it stays in the morning, you can really sleep in with their heavy lined drapes.  And I don't sleep in ever but at the Arlington, I'm not in a hurry to get up because of the darkness of the rooms.

There is a Starbucks now in the lobby of the hotel that Kara and I truly appreciated.  They have our favorite venti unsweet Tazo black iced tea with extra ice.  The swimming pool is in great shape and has two levels, one is 3 feet deep and the other is 6 feet deep with a hot tub.  We spent a ton of time poolside.  They serve hamburgers and hot dogs at lunchtime as well as beer and wine.

I just love the Arlington's history and the beauty of the lobby.  You'll love the check in desk and the fabulous valet parking.  Once we parked on arrival, I left a bag in the back of Kara's car. I called down and a valet brought it to our room within minutes.  I was amazed and totally appreciative of that gesture.  Ahh...the Arlington.  Be sure to stay there and enjoy the magical history of Hot Springs.

The Arlington Hotel, 239 Central, Hot Springs, 1-800-643-1502

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