Saturday, July 23, 2011

You can't tell in this picture but Daisy is a Lab Mix

Whit and Chloe with Daisy, the nicest stray dog ever!

Chloe at EACC's Equestrian Camp at
George Eldridge's farm in Wynne

Chloe with Sydney Millls and Kelly Glover (I think the girls
on the ends are from Forrest City)

Chloe did great riding Leroy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A giant shout out goes to Facebook for helping us find a home for Daisy's brother Daniel.  Those two dogs showed up about a month ago and Chloe immediately got them a place set up so we could foster.  She's about 6 months old and really sweet with Chloe and the rest of her dogs.  Daisy's had her shots, been spayed and is on Advantage Multi.  She's crate trained and adorable. 

I added some photos from the Equestrian Camp at the community college in Wynne.  George Eldridge and his son hosted a week long camp at their boarding stable.  Chloe had a great time and Mr. Eldridge commented at how advanced Chloe was in the ring.  Chloe and I've been to the farm to brush and ride Rosie and her daughter Sonyador at Grandad's farm.  We'll have about two Wednesdays left before school to get over there and spend some time with them.

Spay and Neuter people....come on!

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