The Elegant Farmer, Memphis

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Elegant Farmer, Memphis (I took this photo in honor of Kyle...look at that bike...)

Kara, her friends from Tulsa, Nicole and Henry, Me, Jackie and Martin

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whew...Martin, Jackie, Kara and I did the Mighty Mite Triathlon earlier in the day.  I'm proud to say Martin did the entire triathlon himself, last year he farmed out the swim leg to Kyle Killough, and I looked Lake Dunn in the eye this year and took my time and had an overall better time in transition, swim and bike legs of the event.  My knees are so rough that I had to walk over a mile of the 5K.  But needless to say, we all did it!  My good friend in Memphis, Kim Harwood, told me last week about this fabulous new restaurant located on Highland between Poplar and Central.  She said it was great and I can ditto that. 

Mac Edwards opened this contemporary comfort food restaurant earlier this year located just down the road from the popular spirits store, Buster's.  We were running late (as always) for our 7 pm reservation and got a call from the restaurant at fifteen after, which Kara handled fabulously with telling him we were lost when I googled on my phone the Urban excuse for that is being so busy this week and worrying myself sick about facing Lake Dunn at the Mighty Mite....anyhow, we made it and were greeted by Mac, who immediately barked, "well, it's about time (as Kara went on apologizing)...sit your ass down, I've got a table right after you at 9 pm, I'll do my part, if you do yours," we all just died laughing, everyone was enjoying him.  He was so fun!

We had a great waiter named Shawn who took great care of us.  Kara ordered up the Liberty School Cabernet and it was divine.  They don't have beer or mixed drinks yet but the wine list was great with lots of excellent choices.  Nicole was our appetizer orderer and got the Deviled Eggs featuring local farm fresh eggs with cilantro and reported they were divine.  She also ordered the Pulled Pork Arepa with corn cakes, queso fresco and a blueberry sauce, Jackie tasted it and loved it.  Seasoned to perfection.  For dinner, Jackie and Nicole got the special of Country Fried Steak with smashed red potatoes and gravy with squash.  They loved, loved it and Jackie enjoyed the thinness of his steak.  I had the Roasted Beet Salad that Kara was jealous of, as she should have been, because it was out of this world with fresh, spicy (and local) arugula, goat cheese, beets and rice vinaigrette.  Small and delicious.  For dinner, I ordered the Farm raised Redfish with okra and sweet corn (all local of course).   I'm telling you that fish was perfection, not too spicy but perfectly seasoned.  Kara was the side orderer having cheese grits that were so great and the braised greens (local, duh).  They were excellent and thanks to everyone for sharing.  Chef Gannon Hamilton gets a shout out, he's a local, experienced chef that hit a home run with the six plates we had.  It was all divine. 

I didn't partake in dessert but I can report the pound cake with blueberry sauce, chocolate cake and key lime pie were great and the key lime pie was Jackie's favorite.  Dessert Chef Leslee Pascal deserves a shout out on the desserts, all plates were literally licked clean.  We had plenty of laughs at our table, the conversation is always interesting with Kara and Martin and their friends.  We had more fun in the car cutting up on the way home.

We loved, loved the Elegant Farmer and Mac's sense of humor especially since we checked out and departed at 9 pm sharp.  Our total bill was $85 for dinner, wine and dessert for 2.  Now that's something as well as supporting local farmers and being green with staying local.  I cannot wait to go back to the Elegant Farmer, we'll also have to try it for lunch.  Service, food and price....Triple Gold Stars! 

The Elegant Farmer, 262 S. Highland, Memphis 901-324-2221 

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