Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar, St. Louis

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bridge makes me wanna say,
"hello, lova...."  It's so stinking awesome!

When I ordered two lunch items, Jackie's comment was
"you going to eat all that?  You look like a professional
food critic"  Well....

Ya'll know I hate to brag, but this is an excellent photo of
our appetizer, yes, I'm cringing too at the thought of so much
food, but it was a great purchase

Across the street from Bridge was a bicycle shop and I
couldn't believe the size of these tires so I had to go in
and investigate.  A nice guy asked me if I needed any
help when I was taking this photo.  He said that this size
bike is very popular in St. Louis, except for this year, because
it is excellent in snow.  They hadn't had much of a winter either.
It retails for $1,600, holy smokes!

That's our waitress Alison who sipped wine and beer the
whole time we were there.  I loved our seats at the bar.

This sandwich was perfectly sized and comes with
homemade potato chips and homemade pickles

Coco was so excited to be home, like staying at Whit's is
some kind of torture, but here she is with Jackie,
Biscuit and Gumball in my Ethan Allen chair, shame, shame!
Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ooohhh la,'s outstanding that Urbanspoon sent us to this restaurant before we headed home from St. Louis.  It was just 6 blocks from our hotel, we could have walked but decided to drive because we were nearly 2 hours late for check out at the Hampton Inn.  The place was nearly empty when we arrived at 2 pm but that didn't matter to us, we were starved after our 31 mile bike ride that I'll blog soon.  Plus my thighs felt like they had been put through the ringer, I was totally suffering from dehydration because of all the beer I drank during the Cardinals game the night before.  And it was only three Michelob Ultras during the 9 inning, 3 hour game.  I needed water in between the beer at the game but I'm sure I would have had to pay $7 for water like we paid for the Ultras.

Anyhow, Alison was the bartender and waitress and was very helpful in my ordering.  They have the most interesting and large I might add, wine and beer lists as well as lunch menu.  There was a delicious white burgundy wine, Domaine Cordier Pouilly Fuisse.  It was hearty but smooth and perfect with the "chef's choice pickles" $7 which was a combination of marinated white grapes, roasted red bell pepper, green beans and mushrooms.  The grapes were the most outstanding, they were juicy and fragrant with garlic, vinegar and herbs.  Each one was tasty in their own way.

For lunch, I toyed between the Toasted Cheese $10, which boasted Chimay beer-bathed cheese, avocado, roasted red
peppers & endive and the Mac and Cheese $9, which featured roasted poblanos and tomato.  I was dreaming that I could cook from my own garden at home and try to pull off both these items.  I loved the sandwich and I loved the mac.  Delicious.  I took the mac home and had it for lunch the next day and it was equally fabulous.  Jackie had the Cuba sandwich $9, Missouri
Mojo roasted pork, ham, Emmenthaler,
pickles, mustard aoli and wiped it out.  I wanted to try a dessert but obviously couldn't with all the food I ordered.

What a find today!  I loved, loved Bridge.  I wanted to find out more about this fine establishment and found this on their website:

Owner David Bailey Interviewed in Sauce Magazine

The February Issue of Sauce Magazine featured an interview with Dave about Bridge before the launch:
Some restaurants are all show. Fistfuls of dollars are thrust into developing a gorgeous façade, with quality and creativity in the kitchen an afterthought. Other restaurants are only about good eats. Atmosphere be damned, fresh, flavorful food is the only thing that matters. David Bailey’s gift is that he knows how to create restaurants that offer diners both style and substance, and this has made him a significant player in St. Louis’ culinary scene.

Bridge is a must next time you're in St. Louis.  It's within walking distance of the Busch Stadium and will not disappoint.  And the ladies room was in fine shape.  You've gotta put Bridge on your list.

Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar, 1004 Locust, St. Louis, MO, 314-241-8141  Check out their fabulous website:

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