Cycling in Brooklyn and New York City

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Brooklyn Bridge, I have no idea why Blogger
uploaded these pictures in this order...

I wish the stranger photographer with my camera had asked
me to pull my shorts and tshirt down...just sayin...

This is a shot of the middle of the bridge, notice the crowd
grows at 10 am

The OTHER side of the bridge, into Manhattan

Headin to the Hudson River Park Trail

This was a market just a block from the Hudson River Trail
filled with children and parents...

This was the first part of the Hudson River Trail...
it's totally away from traffic except for some turn in's to
the piers along the way...

This is one of several families we saw on the trail and
in the farmers times! Chloe would love this!

This was a tennis court we went by...and yes, I took
most of these on the bike while riding, it was kinda
questionable at one point, but for being on the bike
from 10 am to 4 pm, it wasn't that bad and it was a
great workout, just sayin....

This was a chanting company of soldiers that ran by
on the Hudson Park Trail

This trapeze school reminded me of one of my favorite
episodes of Sex in the City

This building was on the edge of Central Park, home
to Time Warner...I didn't see a celebrity but we weren't
there for long.....

This is the lunch place we "happened upon", it had calorie
counts on the menu, very interesting and it was delish!

I believe this is Jackie telling me that it's safe to ride in
traffic with cabs because of the green lane to his right,
and well, he was right. Totally safe, yes, I was
worried that I did not have my big, orange flag on my
cruiser, just sayin....

We realized after a few blocks down the "designated"
bike lane on Broadway, that there was this long, long
flea market for many blocks and the closer we got to
Sean P. Diddy Combs on the Times Square Billboard, we
were ready to make a right and get back on the Hudson
River Park Trail and we did!

This is another view I took from behind Jackie when we
were at a stop sign...have I said it yet that 99% of my
photos were on my bike behind Jackie??

This was on the other side of Times Square just before
we headed back to the easy, Hudson River Park Trail

This was going on as we passed by, looks like Yoga..
good for them...what a fabulous, healthy choice!

Another close picture of Times Square

This is the one of the new towers being sits on the
World Trade Center spot...the memorial is just blocks away

This is Trinity Church that withstood the 911 disaster
with little damage.  It's an Episcopalian church built in
1697, that's not a typo, 1697 is correct.  It was beautiful!

I cannot make tacky comments but I want to about the
GREED ON WALL STREET... I hope Chloe's college
money will be there for her 2019 freshman year...

Holy Smokes, my camera taking photos....

This was a dog park near the Manhattan Bridge on the
East River Park Trail....

Jackie asked me to stop and take a photo of this
First Chinese Presbyterian Church in Chinatown 

This is the bike trail over the Manhattan
easy ride back over to Brooklyn

This was Jackie's bike he used to cycle our 6 hour trip

My rented cruiser was fabulous!  And from
Bike Brooklyn Bike Shop...who gave us GREAT
insight and tips. We loved ya'll!

This joker was in Brooklyn just blocks from our
FABULOUS RENTAL that was so affordable it
should have been a crime...I took this for Kyle....

The view of our fabulous street in Brooklyn....

This was the end of our Brooklyn trip
on the steps of our rental....

This is the view heading over the Brooklyn Bridge
at 10 am...

This was some sort of wedding coming across
from Manhattan to Brooklyn, we cracked up, the
lanes were not populated like later...BTW

The closer we got to the middle, the bigger the crowd
grew and at 10 am it looked like this crowd of people
were raising funds for a cause there.... I do love that...

This was a view from the Brooklyn Bridge over to the
Manhattan Bridge on our way to was a great
photo and little did I know we would be in NYC all day!
The bike lanes were easy and absolutely fabulous and totally safe.
Have I mentioned yet that we had NO HELMETS ON?
They aren't required for adults in New York but kids under 13 they
are required.  Helmets are not required in Arkansas either
but they should be and in Cross County you shouldn't EVER RIDE EVER
without a helmet AND a flag....we have to get our drivers
educated that cyclists (and motorcycles) are on the road!
Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jackie and I were in New York for a wedding of one of his roommates from Vanderbilt.  Mark Bechtel and Elana tied the knot at the Brooklyn Historical Society.  They live in Brooklyn, which was absolutely awesome.  We toured around the city and had great times at many restaurants and stayed at a fabulous apartment on Lafayette Street. (More details to come)  The rental had a bicycle that we took over to the city.  I rented a cruiser from Bike Brooklyn and we spent 6 hours over in the city.  MapMyRide said we biked 23 miles.  It didn't feel that long because we were seeing the city.  What a great way to see the city and use the bike lanes all over town!  I took over 100 photos from the weekend and most of the photos I've shared on this post are from the bicycle behind Jackie.  Enjoy and get a bike, ya'll! :)

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