Chloe's 11th Birthday, Birdeye

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is the Mother's Day card Chloe made
for me, it's the sweetest thing ever!
Cathy Helton can make some cakes!  This is Biscuit and
he tasted delicious! 

His head, this looks just like him!
Anne Quessenberry passed away the week
before we went to Brooklyn, we couldn't change
all of our reservations without paying twice for
the trip!  So we went on to Bechtel's wedding, this
is Jackie's cousin John Dalton who stayed over
the next week at his mother's house next door.
Here he is teasing Chloe about gettin in her secret
money jar.....she's not impressed!
Chloe's very proud of the fact that she
invented a secret place to save her money...
it is in two shoe boxes, a giant pickle jar and
in a secret place.....
Chloe loves opening gifts....
Happy Birthday
I had to take this photo of my cookbook case...needless to
say, I don't need any more cook books!
Monday, May 14, 2012

Another singing of the song.....:)

Here's my precious mom, lighting the candles on this slim
cake only to have her fingers nearly burned...meanwhile
the boys, Matt and Jackie are out on the terrace talking...

I just love a Baskin Robin's it...delicious

Have ya'll heard me mention that we have this mix ready
for adoption....Junior, 10 weeks and ready for a forever home...
And he's on the rug mom gave me for my birthday...I
absolutely love this rug and don't intend to have a humane
society ruin it out here....but he does look gooooddd on it! :)
Today is Chloe's 11th birthday, I cannot believe it!  What a gift she is.  We were still unpacking our bags today but we had a fabulous party with Mazzio's and a fabulous cake made by Cathy Helton.  Chloe asked that I surprise her with a cake design and all I could come up with was Biscuit.  So Cathy made this cake and it was great and delicious!  Chloe had a great time opening her gifts.  She got some cash this year and she brought out her secret hiding place for her savings which is two shoe boxes with a jumbo pickle jar inside.  Now we all know where to get her stash, except I won't tell where she keeps the boxes....:)  Happy Birthday Chloe, you are fun, so so kind hearted and a joy to be around!

And we celebrated another partee this past weekend in Little Rock where mom and Gary had a skeet shoot in Little Rock at Blue Rock.  They brought their RV over and we had a great time opening presents from matt and meme which included a swimsuit, flip flops, outfits, swim bag, towels etc etc...she's set up for the summer! And a shout out to them for celebrating her birthday a week late and we had a late Mother's Day partee too to mix with it!

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