Birdeye Update

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Memaw and Grandad gave Chloe a zipline for just
got installed and CoCo loves it!  It does take guts to get on it but it's a blast!

Chloe had Maggie Miller out to spend the night this week,
they are hilarious.  Maggie is such an athlete, she's been
doing swim team and softball!  I hope she'll do the kids
triathlon again this year, we'll see.  It took her a while to
actually ride the zipline!  They're standing on a platform
in Winnie Bob's giant Magnolia's huge!

I wish I knew the length of that thing

We had a great time at 4th of July.  Kara hates fireworks because she had
one explode in her face as a child....that's so scary!  But she loves
Halloween which is a holiday I cannot stand so I guess it's a trade in the
family!  August loved the sparklers!

Robert and Micah getting the celebration started....
Jackie bought a kit with all kinds of fireworks

Of course I had to get a group photo!  Robert, Micah, Chloe,
August, Stella and Whit

Look at the smoke!

The mosquitoes were just gettin ready to carry us all away

Looks like the end of the show...notice Chloe set up chairs
 in the driveway for everyone...she loves having company!

Happy 4th from Birdeye!

We had a 4th of July hot bike ride...I tell you the
truth that my camera had no memory on it and
I had to delete photos from on my bike to get
this one shot!  It was not the smartest thing
to do but I had to shoot the Birdeye hill which
is 2nd in Cross County in elevation (unless any one's driven 
down Wynnewood in Wynne, that probably is a hill
we should all try sometime! :)  We had a great
bike ride and Kara and Martin had a great cookout!
Saturday, July 7, 2012

I don't know about ya'll, but it's been a busy summer!  We've had Chloe's friends over, done lots of swimming, and over the past 3 weeks, I've been busy in the garden and yard.  Cross County has not had a rain since Monday, June 18.  No, that's not a typo.  It'll be a month come Monday without a rain.  I've been watering the 75 year old trees in Winnie Bob's yard overnight must to Jackie's dismay of a $1,000 water bill but I think it's cheaper in the long run to keep the 20 or so mature trees alive then have them cut down when they die.  I'll report back on the water bill.  Voila!  The forecast has Sunday with a 50% chance of rain.  I'll be praying daily for this.

Jackie's cousin Bettie Johnston Cooper is home this summer and her niece Elizabeth Tyrell came to Birdeye for the 4th of July with her son Robert and his friend Micah (all from Oklahoma City, strange I know since that's my hometown).  We had them handle the fireworks Wednesday.  Oklahoma doesn't sell pop bottle rockets so they were a hit with the boys.

Chloe had her BFF Maggie Miller over the other night for a sleep over. She loves having people out.  They were busy with the zip line and making movies on her Ipad.  Technology amazes me!  I'll have to get the Ipad to wi-fi so I can upload them on YouTube.  They had a great time!  I've added lots of random photos.  I'm looking forward to blogging the Colorado trip!  Happy Summer Ya'll (and come on rain!!!)!

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