Saturday, July 14, 2012

Julia and Chloe picking the blooms off the pickles...they had
a great time...they're so sweet together....

I'm just thrilled that Joy invited CoCo and I over to make pickles this past Wednesday. I was't sure we'd make it cause Chloe got bit by a brown recluse spider the night before and didn't sleep a wink that night so traumatized and in a ton of pain.  But we made it because CoCo loves some dill pickles and for the experience for her to make them was priceless.  This recipe is from Afton Bradshaw, grandfather of Chloe's pediatrician and doctor.   We're glad that spider bite is almost over.  Here's how the recipe goes and a HUGE thanks to Ken Johnson who is our local pickle maker and friend:


Pick about 6 quarts of pickles: (Joy and I did 30 lbs and we doubled this recipe for that amount of cucumbers)
2 1/2 quarts of water
1 quart of 5% acidity vinegar (use Cider Vinegar)
3/4 cup of plain salt (pickling salt)
6 to 7 whole peppercorns
Dill-at least one big head in each jar
Cayenne peppers-or Jalopenos or Seranos; about 2 for regular pickles, 5 for excitingly hot pickles
6 peppercorns per jar
Garlic-I put between 4-5 cloves this year 2013; when we did this last year, I put about 2 per jar.  We'll see if 2013 pickles are too garlic-y :)

Heat to a vigorous boil, in the mean time stuff jars with dill, peppers and garlic to suit your taste, and raw cucumbers. (WE DIDN'T DO THAT...WE STUFFED THEM TOTALLY FULL SO THEY DIDN'T SPILL OUT BEFORE THE LIQUID)
Fill the stuffed jars with the boiling liquid and let them set about 3 minutes. Drain off the liquid and reheat it. (YOU DON'T NEED TO IF YOU DOUBLE THE LIQUID LIKE WE DID)
Add a small amount of alum to the preheated jar of pickles.
Refill the jar with boiling liquid and seal immediately. Set the lids firmly. Turn the jars upside down on a draining towel.  After 12 to 16 hours the pickles are ready for storage. Wait 30 days or more for the favors to filter through before serving.
Note: check each jar to be sure they are sealed - if not pour off the liquid and heat again and seal.
Keeli, I got this recipe from Mr. Bradshaw and he got it from a Mr. Priest (I assume that is how you spell his name). The peppercorns are what Maurice Smith and I added. The type peppers that I use are cayenne peppers. -Ken Johnson

Cross County Garlic Cloves have to be the BIGGEST EVER!

Julia adding the dill,peppercorns and garlic

Chloe (with a 24 hour brown recluse spider bite..it was so tender,
and she had her retainer in) with Julia and Joy packing each jar FULL

John B....Priceless....

Joy tightening the lids

Holy Smokes...did we make all these????

This is the one Joy made for me...it has 5 cayenne
peppers in hopes it will knock my socks off...:)
Chloe took this of me adding the vinegar, salt and water at high heat...
Since I haven't given you all the report from Chloe's summer
camp this is how it goes...I called Brookhill to check on Chloe
Tuesday morning..."no news is good news" is the answer I got,
Wednesday I email and get "no news is good news"....so on
Friday I check the mail and I get 3 letters of tears like this one
pictured....then I call to come pick her up and Chloe
calls and says she's having a GREAT time and to not come and
pick her up...Jackie lays me low for calling camp the night before
I'm to pick her up...then we hear all weekend about how much fun
she had...THEN on Monday night I get two more letters that say
"please come get me, I can't take it" and Jackie reminds
Chloe that if she mails me these type letters that her momma
will come and get her in a helicopter...he's right because I
would do anything for Coco....meanwhile back at the ranch..
Chloe will be going to camp from now until college so she'll
stay at college and experience life....comments please...:)

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