1st Day of Junior High, Birdeye

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chloe's first day of 6th grade...We take a photo
here every year, I'll have to find some old shots
of her in this same spot!  It would be fun to compare!

Kara and I take a photo at the beginning of every year over
at her house...Stella started Kindergarten!  Look at August,
I think he wants to go to class too...:)

Last Saturday, Maggie Miller, Chloe and Chloe Thornhill
at our kids triathlon at the country club....they all had a good
time, we had 50 people show up from all over the state!

We added trophies this year...Chloe had a great time at the tri!
School starts Monday!

The week before the kids tri and school starting, Dana, a
roommate and fellow Kappa Kappa Gamma, came to Arkansas
to see her dad before her kids started school.  Terry Sherwood
built the most beautiful house on Greers Ferry Lake, it was
amazing!  This is Aidan and Sydney Holroyd with Coco

We never go to the lake, unlike me at this age,
we would go to Ft. Cobb Lake in Western
Oklahoma all summer long to water ski, we never
tubed much but mainly skied.  Here's Chloe out
on the tube....it was fun! 

Thankfully Dana and I had a chance
to catch up while Chloe made yet another
movie....You'll have to find me on YouTube
(keelismith) to see her videos, they are a
ton of fun to watch!
Saturday, August 25, 2012

I cannot believe my precious gift is going to Junior High!  Time has flown by!  I know I'm not alone in saying this.  After a scare about going to the junior high building last May, Chloe's spent most of her summer saying things like, "we need to live life to the fullest, school will start" and "please stop saying school starts in August, mom".

So, drum roll please, when we got home Monday night Chloe and I were going through the backpack and we get to the PE/Health folder and she told me that she llloooovvveeeesss Coach Amber because she's so sweet and that she told everyone to wear deodorant because "she said we'll stink if we don't use it...".  Alrighty then!  Then Jackie on Tuesday morning asked her how it was going and she says good and puts on a fleece, long sleeved jacket.  I say, "Chloe good lord, it's gonna be 100 degrees today, you don't need that jacket" and she replies, "well the teachers said to wear a jacket so we don't freeze in the afternoons because they turn the a/c down because they don't wear deodorant and they'll stink if it gets too hot." A second alrighty then, we got  a good laugh in that morning, she totally cracks us up on a daily basis.

Look what I found!!  Chloe's First Grade Photo
She had Lynne Turner, we loved her!

And this is first day of 2nd grade....
We had Misty Holbrook and had another
great year!

This was Sept. 2009, 3rd grade we had
Ms. McCay and this was the year Chloe
had the swine flu, high fever for 5 days straight,
we had entered the Big Dam Bridge bike ride and
had to cancel our Fayetteville trip so we had a
living room hog watch party!  How time flies!
With her AP classes this year and continuing soccer and piano, it proves to be another busy fall!  We just need some rain people!  :)

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