2012 Drought....Birdeye

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Look who came through this week....Wendy and Eran were
on their way to Hot Springs to celebrate her birfday and they
stopped here from Chicago.  Maytal, on the right, starts Kindergarten
this year and Ayelet will start right behind her!  Just so you
know, they come here every summer and love gettin in Chloe's
closet (cause she's the BIG girl), they have on dresses that we
sent on with them....these two LOVE fashion!  Look at Ayelet's
ring, necklace and headband!  Chloe's the opposite!

This Magnolia tree is TOTALLY stressing out...
see my sprinkler on this morning to try and
save her....

Gumball is from the Birdeye Store....one in a litter of 9 dogs...
Chloe loves this little guy and THANKFULLY we don't
have any fosters right now...this summer almost killed us!
(and our chickens...)

I'm not sure Winnie Bob could handle the
drought this year...it reminds me of last year's
flood that I don't think she could have handled either!
This is near the daffodil plot that hosts about 10
different varieties of the flower that I so love...
I hope they're going to make it....this photo looks
like it's fall but fall doesn't start until Sept. 20....

This is what our grass looks like today!

Because of a July NPR radio show, I planted
a late group of tomato plants, pepper plants and
some cucumbers....you see I need to weed out there!

I also planted a row of arugula and spinach but these
look like baby mushrooms...I wonder if I got the wrong seeds..

We got 7 tenths this morning....if only we could
get this every day for a month!
Saturday, August 25, 2012

I am amazed at the weather here this year!  We haven't gotten more than an inch of rain this whole month but got some today!  And thank the lord as my water bill was over $125 last month trying to save all the trees that Winnie Bob planted in this yard.  I don't think Jackie's mowed more than 4 times this WHOLE SUMMER!  Yes, digest that piece of information!  Cross County is in Exceptional Drought this year which is worse than Extreme.  Let's all pray that this ordeal will end soon.  Not only do the trees need rain but also the crops and wildlife.

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