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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The beauty of Chloe and Zoe is they always pick up where
they leave off... both 6th graders and have been BFF's for
 a long time...

Thank goodness Vandy beat the NC State Wolfpack...
what's a wolfpack anyway?

Oh the Vanderbilt group and kiddos....since we've been following
Vanderbilt post season they're 2-1

Jackie got us tickets to the tailgate but didn't tell
CoCo and I what time it started (which was 8) so
I let the crew sleep in while I went on a run and we
didn't show up for the $30 charge per person until
10 am....gotta love it when the game started at 11..:)
January 1, 2013...yes 2013!!!!!!

We had a great time with Harmon and Jeanie and Martin and Kara today enjoying my annual Hopping John and watching football.  Because of Joy, we added cabbage for "fortune".  I found a recipe for kale and cabbage and it was mighty fine! I'll share the recipe soon.

I've been jotting down things that have happened this year that are hilarious, sad and just amazing.  I thought you'd enjoy seeing my lists!  What's on your list?  I know I've left something out...

-Chloe asking for a tape recorder again from Santa Claus
-Our biking trip to Colorado this summer when we drove to Glennwood Springs, Co and rode our bikes to Aspen along the Rio Grande Trail for 4 days with only backpacks
-Teaching Chloe how to do a cartwheel...yep in 5th grade
-I learned how to swim total immersion style, not very well and in 4 lessons...
-I'm hooked on flea markets because of Joy Shepherd
-Chloe and I have fostered and found homes for 5 Birdeye Strays this year (Jimmy, Junior, Magic, Oreo and Tuesday) all thanks to PAWS of Marion who found them forever homes in the Northeast!  And now we have Second Chance ready for a home...
-Chloe helping Stella pee in a sonic cup while in the car when Kara ran into Wal-mart
-How wonderful all the local businesses are about supporting the Midsouth Kids Marathon and Kids Triathlon
-Watching Chopped or Restaurant Impossible with Chloe
-Seeing the garden grow every day...the kale, spinach and garlic are gettin ready this winter
-Kara and I competed in our first Cylcocross competitions...we carried a conversation for the first leg of both races!

-I served a salad from my garden that really had turnip green leaves in it, no wonder it was so bitter!
-New York Times review of Guy Fieti's Times Square Restaurant,
-The Brooklyn cab driver that had to drive Jackie and I home after Mark Bechtel's wedding in May, poor thing
-Chloe's letter to Santa that read, "I have one question for you.  Are you real?  A few years ago I left you a letter and you wrote back and the penmanship was just like my dad's.  Anyways, I want an Iphone5 and a bike with a trailer on it so I can pull Biscuit and Gumball with me."
-Duck fill in the blank...

-Losing so many family members and friends: Wilma Tolle, Anne Quessenberry, Ann Matthews and Julia Gardner...and many other church family members
-I forgot to thank a friend's business in the local paper for helping with the kids marathon
-The Chew is the worst show on TV ever, I mean...ever.
-The Electronic Merchant company at work that keeps calling me back and won't leave me alone
-R Kelly's song Trapped in the Closet is the worst song ever written and worst music video ever made
-I killed a deer with my car
-My wedding rings got stolen
-Jackie's bike got stolen
-Chloe got bit by a brown recluse spider
-I think we're done for 2012

-There was an earthquake in Birdeye on Friday, November 2, 2012 at 7:40 am...I couldn't believe the sound!
-Chloe asking,"How could there really be a Santa Claus?"
-The Arkansas Razorbacks were 4-8 in football after playing in the 2011 Cotton Bowl and 2010 Sugar Bowl
-What is Gangdum Style and who is that Korean guy?
-I just found out what Pop Culture means because of Jackie
-Jackie and I survived 2 triathlons, 2 cyclocross races, 1 half marathon, two 10 k's, 2 5k's and Chloe did 2 kids marathons, 1 triathlon and two 5K's!
-Chloe's letters from camp, 4 in a row begging me to come and get her because she couldn't eat or sleep without crying and when I picked her up she said it was the best week of her life!
-Doing research before taking Biscuit to Chloe's 6th grade science class, I found out that an unspayed female cat can produce 4,500,000 offspring...that's not a typo 4.5 million and a cat spay and a rabies shot is a mere $78
-Death of Whitney Houston at 49, yes, I love The Bodyguard.
-Hurricane Sandy's devastation, killing 253 people and costing 65 billion dollars in damage (or is this an estimate?)
-The 9/11 Memorial in NYC is well done and worth making a reservation to see

Things I'm thankful for:
-Our Health, something I don't want to take for granted
-I'm so thankful to have Jackie and Chloe
-Memaw and Grandad and MeMe and Matt
-Great friends who listen, encourage and are always there
-Our jobs, I'm so thankful to have a job I love
-A roof over our heads when others don't
-A great church, I was raised Baptist but the Wynne Presbyterian Church not only has welcomed me and watched over our gift of Chloe, but they do great things in the community like supporting the Good Shepherd Center and members of the congregation with deaths and births and we fed the Wynne High School football team before a game, that was amazing to feed 90 people in September!
-Ryan Lawson's restaurant recommendations in NYC, on my 4th trip to the city with his suggestions, he proved again that his palate is right on
-Laughter, it's a must and is healing
-Forgiveness, it's an amazing gift.  It is....

If I've left something out, please leave it on here! :)

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