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Monday, October 21, 2013

October 18, 2013

I had to post some of Chloe's handy work.  She LOVES photography and just bought herself a new camera on Saturday.  She enjoys scenes around the house and farm and seems to have a real talent with picture taking.  These are from the last round of shots, I'll add to this post when she downloads from her new Canon PowerShot SX500.  It's the perfect camera for her age I think.  She's fired up about the lens cap and the strap too, btw.  I think it makes her feel official, so fun!!

Chloe did wonderfully at her latest piano recital.  I hope to see
her play through 12th grade, we'll see!

Poor Biscuit...she did his hair this way!  Looks like he tolerated it! :)

Chloe has such a gift of public speaking.  Here she is at liturgist
at our church.  She does a great job!  Yes, I took this photo!
(and with my phone)

I had to add this one of Stella and Chloe taken by Jackie

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