Garden Update and Jackie's Birthday Party, Birdeye

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What's left of the herbs and peppers

I have to top the beds with chicken wire to keep the ladies out

We still have Chica and ding dong ding-a-ling Buddy
Check out Chica deciding to NOT get in that bed thankfully

The arugula is coming up...this is about 10 days 

Last week was spirit week and
here's Chloe for 80's day (supposed to be
teased hair and Flashdance outfit lol)

This is a pretty good looking nerd!  She
added her dad's thick Razorback tie :)
Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014

I finally got 4-1/2 beds seeded with Kale, Arugula, Mustard Greens and Romaine.  I'm fired up.  I generally plant greens by mid September but it's been so dang hot and dry and busy that I just got around to doing it.

We also celebrated Jackie's 44th birthday.  We had spaghetti and sang and played a Tonight show game.  It was a fabulous time.
Jackie's birthday party was a great time..I can't believe I didn't get a
photo of the shirt Chloe gave him.  She found it at Walmart last
weekend, it's Oloft from Frozen on a Beach with "Chillin" on it.
Kara's crew and Jeanie brought pretty impressive birthday cards
for him..I'm going to have to up my game on my cards :)

Chloe was extremely proud of icing his cake and drawing on it

We are big fans of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and
we copied off of one of his games.  This is called Box of Lies
Here's Martin and Jeanie

How it works is each player gets a shoe box with 2 mystery
items inside and has to say what is in it and the other person
tries to decide if they're telling the truth about the items or
telling a lie....Kara and Jackie played it well

Here's August helping them along...he did slip and say out
loud what was in his mom's box

Lemme say that strawberry cake we made for Jackie was
weird.  It was as if I left out sugar or something....I did
make it with gluten free flour but I made it that way
last year....we threw it away right after the party

Stella and Whit.....they had a good time.

Chloe and Whit

Martin and Jeanie got in on the fun
Chloe and Audrey last weekend.  They are so sweet!

Stella vs. Chloe....
Chloe vs. August....the game was a huge HIT!

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