Lee's Chicken and Dumplings, Birdeye

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I have been reading Anne Levesque's cookbook for a while now and I was excited to try Lee's chicken and dumplings.  I knew Lee the last few years of her life.  She worked for the Smith family for many years and lived next door to Kara.  Lee was a phenomenal cook so I was intimidated for sure when I tried this recipe.  I happened to have a whole chicken, lots of salt and buttermilk on hand.  I did change her recipe by adding buttermilk to the dumplings because they rolled out dry.  I added about two more tablespoons of salt and pepper to the broth and some to the dumpling too. It was delicious and was fabulous leftover too.  Can I get Chloe to try it? No, she's still in her PICKY eating mode which drives me crazy.  Ya'll know I can eat anytime, anywhere and almost (almost) anything.

I've added some extra photos of what we've all been up to :)
I like the orange Flatlander logo
As her recipe says, roll it out thin...

I'm not going to retype her recipe as I usually do, this photo
is all there is to the recipe, it's a good photo and notice Anne Levesque's
note, "it's almost impossible to replicate the dumplings as Lee
made them.  Don't say I didn't warn you."

This is a pre-start photo of the first
Arkansas Delta Flatlander 66 mile
ride...Jackie and I rolled out for the 40
mile ride and it was fun until....the
stinking wind.  Nice ride put on the
Harahan Bridge Project director
Greg Maxted. I should blog about
the I-55 bridge that will become a
bicycle and pedestrian bridge in two
years connecting Memphis with Arkansas.
It's really exciting.  Jackie and I've ridden over
several bridges over the Mississippi and
Missouri rivers.  It's a wonderful thing
for tourism :)

Thank the LORD above for finally
finding Chica (now Lilly) a forever
home in Memphis.  Thanks to
Facebook too.  She's living with
Tara and John Burton and Emmy in
Midtown.  This is Chica and Buddy
two days before she left.  Chica was
really cool.  

Wynne's Walking School Bus celebrated National Walk to
School Day again Oct. 8.  We had a small turn out with the
clouds and sprinkles but had a great time :)
The cover of Anne Levesque's cookbook she
gave us last year.  It's full of traditions and photos
of her family.  It's crazy that she and Ed live less
than a mile from where I grew up in Oklahoma
City. Small world, great family, great cookbook :)

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