5th Midsouth Kids Marathon

Monday, November 3, 2014

Photos by Bill Blair...my camera died so unfortunately I didn't
have even a single photo of Chloe out there Saturday.
She and 2 other 8th grade track team members rolled out for the
2nd grade participants, they relayed them in...it was a fun day!

This is Rev. John G. Smith who has volunteered the last 3
years helping us with the marathon....he is so
motivating!! Just look at him and you can see Whit over there
on his right yelling with everyone!
Saturday, Nov. 3, 2014

Well thankfully we had another successful Midsouth Kids Marathon today.  We can't pull this off without each AND every volunteer!  We had parents, teachers, grandparents, sponsors, police officers, city workers and Chloe's fellow 8th grade track team members out helping us with the final 1.2 mile of the kids marathon.  I'm so thrilled it was a SAFE event, cars slowed, volunteers cheered everyone on and it was a great day.

Jackie and I went on and ran the half at 9 am with a late start.  We did good until I realized at mile 2 my Dexcom sensor wasn't getting a reading.  I felt great so I decided to give it a few more miles until I'd quit since I didn't even have a glucometer on me.  At mile 3 there wasn't a glucometer but mile 4 at Dr. Price's aid station at the country club, he had one and I went on.  I put the senor transmitter in my sports bra to warm it up and after 5 miles and 40 minutes it came back to life.  Thank you to Dr. Beaton who had the glucometers out there as a just in case situation, it saved me for SURE!!

Thanks again to all the volunteers who were out there on the course supporting this kids marathon.  Thank you to Mrs. Hollaway and the Wynne School District for supporting our kids marathon.  Let's keep these kids healthy and active!
Here's Kyra Dobson running with the 2nd graders...she and
Chloe have been friends since pre-kindergarten 

Linton Bradshaw with Rev. John G. Smith and Beth Bradshaw

I got this shot of the warm up.  We had 100 sign up and about
half that showed up because it was 30 degrees at 7:45 am

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