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Friday, December 19, 2014

Dr. Calico's new thing when he sees the milk out he jumps on
Chloe's shoulders to try and get a little milk....
 Thursday, December 18, 2014

Well we haven't fallen off the planet, it's just been busy.  After going to Dallas for AJ's funeral, we were getting ready for the annual Birdeye Christmas Party and getting gifts.  Oh and our only credit card was hacked last Thursday while J.Harmon was literally checking out of Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans and I was headed to Dallas.  The only thing they charged was two pairs of men's nylon socks mailed from King Size (I know, right? lol).  I got the socks on Monday and the packing slip said they were from me to me.  Anyway, how I figured it out Thursday night when I got an email saying I had changed my email address and password which I didn't.  They stole $1,000 worth of Capital One gift cards.  It took a week to get the new card in and they're still working on getting me back the reward points.

Last Saturday, Chloe and I made our annual peanut butter balls, it is a long day but worth it.  Making candy is messy and time consuming but we love eating it.  This past Saturday was our annual party and it was a ton of fun, we had 53 roll out and the food was wiped (or swiped) out.  Kara and I enjoy visiting and catching up with everyone.  Jackie's annual shoe contest got rave reviews this year when first time attender, and fellow Presbyterian, Elise Barry won the contest.  We have a Monolo Blahnik trophy that is given to the recipient that must be returned the following year.  It was a good time had by all.  Benton, Tom B, Clarah Creighton, Counts Louise, Stephen, Stephen Junior, Allie and Counts Elizabeth plus Anna Claire Burrow and Sophia Weeks all spent the night at our house.  I was summoned from the adult party because Chloe, Anna Claire and twin brother Connor, 7th graders were in charge of watching the cousins plus Kara's three.  It got out of hand when a huge pillow fight ensued with Counts Elizabeth crying over taking one in the face, Whit dancing on my dining room table and Conner being found under the bed eating poptarts.  When I got there it was all, Anna Claire and Sophia told us all about the party the next morning over bacon, crescent and cinnamon rolls.  It sounded like a better party than Kara and I's.  Oh and I did find skittles and other candy stowed away in my refrigerator....Chloe said they about wiped out her stash.  LOL.

So now that school is out, we are getting ready for Christmas at Memaw's and Emmy's birthday soiree Tuesday.  It should be a week of fun if we don't get the flu that's going around like wildfire.  Happy Holidays Ya'll.
He's a little much

There were probably 300 people at AJ's precious funeral.  It was
a time of celebration, reflection, laughs and tears.  The service
was at 5:30 pm because that was when she would have dance
parties in the hospital.  She'd been in and out of Dallas Children's
since June and when she was down or the nurses needed her up and
moving they had a 5:30 dance party.  The chaplain from the hospital
did the service and was fantastic.  There really was a dance party
to start the service, we all got up, then her family sang a hymn (the
Bates' can REALLY sing), then they had remarks limited to 2 minutes
each.  I'd say there were 50 people who spoke or read poetry about AJ.
The service let out at 8 pm.  Yes, 2-1/2 hours but it was worth
every minute to reflect on AJ's precious life. She always said,
"It'll be aiight" and never complained not once.  Never asked, "why me?"
Such a testament to what a wonderful person AJ was.
This photo is her aunt in the hat, and AJ's grandmother Marilyn Bates
on her left facing the crowd.

J.Harmon giving the shoe winner her trophy

Not a great shot but here are Elise's shoes

The next morning was our church's
Christmas program.  Chloe, Jackie
and I were helping with potluck so
we watched from the balcony

Linton and Katie Bradshaw had speaking parts
Jackie, me, Dara and David Bigger
at the annual Christmas Party
Kara and I usually get a photo
together but we didn't somehow
(my shoes were KILLING me so those
jokers were off most of the party)

August was up there with us :)

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