Christmas 2014, Birdeye

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!  I think since Christmas was in the middle of the week, this year was smoother than usual.  Or maybe I just got it all rolling earlier this year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It was the smoothest Christmas ever, thankfully.  We have so many wonderful things to be thankful for...a loving community minded church, family to celebrate with on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (an uncle in there to KILL...check out the photo), health, pets we love, a roof over our heads and many more blessings.  I've added photos from the last two weeks on here.  And My Top 10 List is coming with some of the FUNNIEST quotes of the year :)
Chloe read scripture during our Christmas Eve service and did a GREAT job

Oh la la, the Go Pro camera

Meme and Matt got Chloe a
HUGE box of toys, leashes, treats
and this huge bag of mealworms
 for her chickens...the bag reads,
"feed to your chickens and watch
them dance"  Look at Dr. Calico
and the dogs gathered round...

Buddy got me the soundtrack CD from Frozen
with this note in it.  She's so funny.....:)

Wynne Presbyterian Church Christmas Eve service

Everyone lined up for treats...

Chloe asked for a Go Pro camera with
dog accessories....she got it and here's the
harness....Buddy took the camera all over
Birdeye and got some great footage

Buddy's first Birdeye Christmas....he was
excited but not as much as Biscuit and Gummy

Lunch at Kara's

Christmas Day lunch at Kara's

Santa and Chloe got her dogs plenty of toys
 and's Gumball

Chloe's new Northface jacket from
Meme and Matt.  She loves that thing!

Dr. Calico got into the treats Chloe
got him...

This nutty blog is uploading photos from Jackie's Iphone on
their side.  Here's Chloe, Biscuit, Gumball and Buddy all
dressed up at the Cross County Courthouse delivering
candy last week before they closed.  It's been a tradition
since Chloe was born.

This was waiting for me Thursday morning....Martin's LOUD MOUTH
announced Tuesday night at Emmy's fried chicken birthday party that
this was the last year his kids would believe in Santa, Chloe was sitting
right next to him.  I, of course, glared at him and he tried to change the
subject...we told Chloe that for Santa to come, you have to believe in
Christmas magic.  She was blue all day long.  Thanks Martin.  I'm
looking forward to getting you back at some point.  I need a pair of boxing
gloves for my birthday...

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