2014 Top 10 List, Birdeye

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Here's Biscuit, Gumball and Chloe at the courthouse delivering
candy.....Buddy's somewhere

There were cattle and llamas in the Alpes De Suisi...
Chloe just sat down on the bench and I got this shot

Chloe about the time when she said she didn't want to die
 up there....The Dolomites were phenomenal.

A photo at the Nashville airport on our way to Milan

Our last day of the trip, we are in Stressa on one of the Barromean Islands

Chloe in St Peter's.  We went to Friday mass
and took communion. It was really neat.
Behind her are Peter's remains.
Box of Lies game at Jackie's birthday party....Kara's looking like she
wants to win this round!  Stella and August loved it too
Chloe playing games with Biscuit
Chloe's a darn good photographer, here's Essie Mae
Chloe got Dr. Calico and Essie Mae wrestling
This was the day Chloe broke her arm in Feb. while
sledding on the ice
Chloe with Biscuit and Gumball

It's blurry but here's Chloe, Memaw and Stella at the
Cathedral Siena.  That marble was outstanding
Chloe and Audrey at Ferncliff Summer Camp, it was the first year Chloe
didn't write those sad letters and she said she had a great week

Chloe's selfie with Buddy
Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!  We are planning to have Hopping John and Kale and Cabbage tomorrow and watch bowl games.  I may have to throw in some Mac and Cheese for the kids :).

I've kept a list in the kitchen of quotes that have come up since the trip to Italy.  For some reason that trip generated multiple hilarious quotes.  And they kept coming for the rest of summer and fall.  I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have, all 18 of them...

1. "Dad can be the deck sweeper," Chloe said about her dad if we were all on a pirate ship together.
2. "Rub it down," me to Chloe on the train, Jackie replied, "Grub it down?" hahaha
3. "Step back kids, I don't think she's going to make it," Memaw said as I chased her down on the Bay Road to check a bike rack and hadn't ever driven her car.  It took off like a rocket when its turbo boost went off.  As I got out of the car to check the rack she said, "You looked like a snow leopard!" hahahaha :)
4. "I have had a Jerk-a-con sighting," me in the Nashville airport when Jackie lost it thinking we'd miss our connection to Milan and miss the opera in Verona.  (Jerk-a-con is a word Chloe invented last March to describe her grumpy dad)
5.  "Look away, you don't want to see this...." Memaw said to Jackie in Grieve when she pulled some ravioli out of the top of the trash can to feed my nephew August, he was starving with jet lag....hahahahahahahha
6.  "Calm down Jackie," me to Jackie when he was frustrated that we couldn't find a Rick Steve's restaurant in Verona.  We learned to attempt Italian right off the bat.  A nice woman police officer helped us find it.
7.  "That ain't eggplant," me in Rome when I ordered the special for lunch and thought he said it was eggplant.  It turned out to be tripe.  Jackie traded dishes with me, thank God.  If you don't know what tripe is...it's cow intestines.
8.  "Do I look like I need leg room?" me to Jackie on the bus to Ortesi
9.  "In my box are two wool socks with bananas in them," Jackie at his birthday party in October.  Chloe and I wanted to play a Jimmy Fallon game called Box of Lies.  We did 12 shoe boxes worth of mystery items and the key to the game is to guess if your opponent is telling the truth about their items or lying.  He was telling the truth.  90% of all our items were somehow Jackie items.  He loves his wool apparel.
10.  "She should have given us smarties not dumdums," Chloe said after a teacher handed out candy.
11.  Walking in from a November meeting, Jackie's phone rings and it's Chloe calling from her bedroom to have him bring her a freezer cookie...good lord....
12. "What are you looking at Buddy?" me to him.  Chloe responded, "Making sure you don't get out of the gate," hahahahahaha.  Buddy had separation anxiety at first but now he knows we will be coming back when we go to work.
13.  "Can you get games on that?" Chloe asked me in Italy when I was giving myself a bolus of insulin, it cracked us up.
14. "Why are you stalling?" Chloe asked in the Nashville airport.
15.  "Just go in the back and scratch your flank," Chloe said in a Grieve toy store when I needed to scratch
16.  "Buddy wants Keeli to give him a bath," Chloe said the first week we had him
17.  "I don't want to die up here, " Chloe said when we took our bikes up the ski lift to view the Alpes De Suisi, the largest alpine meadow in Europe.  We somehow got on a hiking trail with our huge, heavy bikes and had to dismount and walk them down some pretty steep terrain.  A storm was brewing and we didn't have a cell phone and were literally ALONE up there.  I admit that I said some pretty bad words a couple times under my breath.  It was scary because we could've just gone back down the ski lift and not hiked it all the way down in the brush.
18.  In OKC over Thanksgiving we went through the Starbucks drive through and here's what I ordered, "I'll have a trenta unsweet black iced tea with just a splash of water," the lady responded with, "you'd like a splash of love with that?" We all died laughing.  I was told at a Memphis Starbucks that if I wanted the tea stronger to order it with a "splash of water".  hahahahahahaha :)

As you can see it's been a very funny year at our house.  I hope the laughs keep coming and for a year of health and happiness with Chloe :)

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