April Fool's Day and Track

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

You may not know this about me but I love an April Fool's Day joke.  I started pulling pranks way before we had Chloe.  Some of my favorites was calling in sick and then arriving 30 minutes late, calling and hanging up on Jeanie at the vet clinic, when I arrived she had the phones out of the sockets trying to find out what the deal was and most recently, I called into KWYN's 12:30 pm Tradio Show to advertise Martin's Australian Shepherd, Aussie, as a give away using his cell number (he got about 10 phone calls, lol), last year I moved his truck and this year I put a FOR SALE PRICE REDUCED sign in his yard (plus a for sale sign in my yard and one in Beth and Stan's next door).  He said he and Kara both got multiple texts all evening wondering why they were selling their house.  Then on Easter Sunday, a felon put this Tom Cotton for Senate bumper sticker on my car after Easter games.  (You all know what a dork Tom Cotton is).  We'll see about next year....I'm looking forward to it!

Chloe's got a track meet in two weeks at Paragould.  She's down because she wasn't first in the mile last meet but to have such improvement is really something to be fired up about (she made an almost 2 minute improvement which is Olympic improvement)  I hope she'll run for the high school track team, we'll see!

It was raining....Martin and Kara got many texts about their house being for sale....lol!

I also but one in Beth and Stan's yard and my yard...we are not leaving but it was sure fun putting the signs out with
cars going by....I was cracking up!

And then Easter afternoon some Jack-$%# put a Tom Cotton for Senate sticker on my car, it has been and always
will be sticker-less.....I offered up an Easter Ham Bone to the felon that confesses....

It's official...She's 3 inches taller and wears an 8-1/2 shoe...

Chloe did an 8 minute mile which was over a minute and half faster than last year!

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