Happy Easter 2015, Birdeye

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!  We had a great time at Wynne Presbyterian Church last Sunday.  Jackie and Chloe helped me get the house ready Saturday, after I worked at the clinic, then went on a bike ride while Chloe babysat.  We set up for 28 in about 4 hours which wasn't bad at all.  And Kara, Julie and Jeanie helped me get 90% of the dishes done so clean up was under an hour when they left.  Thanks ladies!

Chloe and I planned several games this year.  In years past, we've had an egg toss, egg hunt and last year a baseball game.  This year we added Jimmy Fallon games of pictonary and his Egg Russian Roulette.  All of it was so much fun...one hitch this year, I neglected to get a group photo!  But I will try harder next year.

Chloe and I dyed about 60 eggs Saturday for the Jimmy Fallon Egg Russian Roulette Game
that turned out to be a HIT

Chloe's so sweet with her young cousins...here's Reece Bradshaw in the church courtyard on the egg hunt

August, Reece and Chloe
Lleft to right, back row, Harmon, Jeanie, Martin, Kara, Polly, Jackie then Bob Hardin, August, Stella,
Kara, Whit, me and Chloe in front of our church

August had so many eggs he was putting the overflow in his pockets...LOL!

Lunch was a fun time, we had about 28 over...unfortunately I didn't get a group shot this year but we will next time!
This is Whit and Trevor and Austin Boone

Chloe, Aunt Meredith, Uncle Fred and Tyler

Aunt Carolyn, Matt and Mick

The boys table was rowdy...Austin, Trevor and Eli Boone, August and onry Whit 

Jim Shaver, Beth Huff, Jimmie Barham and Stella holding baby William Huff

It was the twins 10th birthday on Easter Sunday so dessert was a birthday cake

It's funny that you can see Chloe's portrait behind the kids on the wall.  I love it and thanks to Victoria Collier's talent :)

Martin, Kara, Jim Shaver, Bonnie Sue Huff and his back to us is Wes Shaver

First Easter game was Jimmy Fallon's Pictonary...Here's Stella....on the TV was our Go Pro recordings of Spring Break

Shaver helping mom Beth with drawing...

Eli on Pictonary

Stella holding William and Shaver Huff joining in the help

2nd Easter game was the Fallon game, Egg Russian Roulette....here's Eli in the red facing Austin...the games works
with one dozen eggs, 8 are hard boiled and 4 are raw.  You don't know which one is cooked or raw...you pick one
(with no "put backs") and crush it on your head.  If you pick a raw egg, you're out...it turned out to be the game of the YEAR!

Chloe explaining the rules....Stella cracks me up....

The kids played this for about 30 minutes...I had actually planned to play against Martin to get adults involved but the

I think August had the BEST TIME at the egg roulette....when he picked a cooked egg, he pounded it on his head like 20 times

3rd Easter game was a baseball game...here's Eli pitching to Austin

Martin, Matt and Jackie helped fill the catching and outfield

August wanted to show us all how fast he can run....he was lightning fast!

Chloe photo bombed Jimmy and Beth Huff in every one of their photos!  Beth said she didn't care
but I'm not sure she just wasn't being nice....:)

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