Buddy Blissful, Birdeye

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Buddy's hair is getting long but we love him when he looks unkept

His teeth...

This is Bentley who Chloe trained last week.  He's one smart yellow lab

No words

Chloe had me get a shot of Buddy following her (I'm not sure why)

Chloe's props for a Buddy photo shoot....
Dr. Calico always has a look on his face like "ya'll are wasting my time and yours"

Hilarious....milk bones on a silver platter and Legolis on a coffee mug....lol

Great shot of Biscuit...his hair....lol


Michael and Bentley, the brothers stayed with us one weekend, tons of training and fun

Great shot of Buddy, when he runs, he really has all four feet off the ground at the same time


This is Addy, we fostered her around Jan 1 and she left Thursday to live with a family on a house
boat in Kennebunkport, Maine.  She's insecure mostly because she spent two years tied up to a tree in Trumann, Ark.
Chloe and all of us helped her with her self confidence.  We're glad she made it to Maine.  Here she is on the house boat
after leaving Thursday from Forrest City, she got there Saturday at 4 pm.  We hope to hear from her adopters again.

Chloe had a piano recital Friday.  She was the only high schooler there.  She had a mild panic attack about the piece
but of course, she did really great.  I'm glad she's still taking piano and she hopes for tougher stuff to play.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chloe's been busy dog training and boarding, I don't think we have been without a boarder or foster dog since the beginning of the year.  She started an Instagram account for Buddy similar to an Instagrammer from Aspen that features a cute Golden Retriever.  I've shared some of her photos on here, she's really good with a camera.

Buddy's Instagram Page:


Buddy Blissful Smith

 🔸adopted 💼working at a vet clinic💼 🐿squirrel chasing is my game🐿love hiking and cheeseburgers🍔 try to top my hair💯 Arkansas is my backyard 🌏

Here's a link to Chloe's website: http://chloemsmith01.wix.com/chloes-dog-boarding

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