Happy Birthday Harmon and Jeanie, Birdeye

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Memaw and Grandad!  Sorry about Stella's eyes closed and missing Whit and August

The Whisper Challenge....Chloe and I love to copy off of Jimmy Fallon's games on his show.  This is where you have
head phones on and have to read lips....we had funny things like, "How do you get to sesame street," "Brett Bilema",
"Uptown funk you up", "10 minutes can save you on car insurance," etc....tons of fun!

Whit had a flute-a-phone recital for their birthday celebration, it was really good!

Somehow the afghan Pharoah ended up on the couch and August lost his shirt....lol!  Here we are watching the movie
Chloe made of last weekend when we had the cousins over...Chloe's a great movie maker

Whit and Stella playing the Whisper Challenge


Stella dressed up for their filming...I love that I got the portrait of Biscuit and Chloe in the background 

The kids lip syncing is a lot of fun to watch...Chloe's IPAD was hooked up to our TV so we could all watch it....

Another one....hahahahaha!

Sunday morning Chloe and I took her boarding dogs down the back roads for exercise.  Here's Michael and Bentley

Buddy in the back has all four paws off the ground at the same time...hilarious.  That is how he runs all the time :)
Sunday, January 31, 2016

We celebrated Memaw and Granddad's birthday Saturday night.  Kara made bread and blueberry pie and I made salad and manicotti.  Jackie made the comment, of course, that manicotti is my usual crowd meal and it is because I make it ahead of time.  Kara brought her new, DELICIOUS, bread and of course, her blueberry pie was wonderful.  We had a fun time eating and playing games.

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