Happy Birthday Chloe, Birdeye

Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Chloe!  Here she is with mom at lunch after last week's Strut Your Mutt.  Matt and Meme got Chloe one of those Go Pro cameras, the perfect gift!

4 of our crew...Here's Pharaoh, Biscuit, Gumball and Wesson at the Strut...missing is Buddy the poodle who was with me

Aunt Kara with their new Komondor Hopi.  She's a very docile dog and obviously
doesn't walk on a leash

Whit and Buttons, the pygmy goat.  Buttons actually walked great on its harness!

Chloe and Courtney had about 50 dogs and families roll out for the 1 mile dog walk.  It was WINDY and cloudy at
first but then the sun came out!

Stan with Big Chip, Lucy and Ken's dog Rosie.....

Chloe's birthday cake

Our latest foster is Jack Jack, a neutered 90 lb Great Dane Mix.  He's rowdy and jumps and I just realized that's why
my right knee is so sore, I have to KNEE the fool out of him to keep him off me.  He literally can knock me down!
But he's great with children, cats and other dogs.  He is slight HW positive but a sweet, goofy boy.

Monday, May 16, 2016

I cannot believe we have a 15 year old!  Chloe Magdalene Smith born at 6:14 pm on Monday, May 14, 2001 is a precious gift to us.  She's filled with humor, like her dad, long legs, like her dad and both our gifts of compassion and generosity.  She planned this fundraiser on her birthday morning and then later we had the girls over for a slumber party.  Luckily, Matt and MeMe were in Little Rock, so mom came over and had lunch with us at Chloe's local favorite restaurant Don Jose.  Her buddies Katelyn Matthews, Caitlyn Byrd, Sophia Ladd and Rebecca Ballard spent the night after hanging out at the fun park and those crazies stayed up until 4 am!  At 2:30 am, I asked Jackie if I could shut it down and he said no, so at 3 am I couldn't help myself.  It took them an hour to get to bed and the noise of my hair dyer at noon Sunday and the lawn mower outside the windows couldn't stir them....They went home at 4 Sunday afternoon.  What a good group of girls (so far, I say that because my fiends in 9th grade came and went but I hope this crew stays around).
Katelyn Matthews, Catlyn Byrd, Courtney Hill, CoCo, Sophia Ladd and Rebecca Ballard

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