Mother's Day 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I saw a program on PBS that had a man using newspaper as mulch...this is right after a rain. This is my cucumber
wire.  Jackie pointed out last summer that I should only grow cucumbers and peppers since that is what I can every we shall see if I'm successful or not.  I have the wire on top for digging.....

Well I busted our new dog Wesson digging in my pepper bed....Wesson is a PRECIOUS stray that we found in a parking lot
last month....We went around the neighborhood and left my phone number in case someone lost him and we've had him
ever since.   He's really awesome even though he digs and rolls in dead things and I could find him a home up north but....

We've got a feral cat we've been trying to catch....Wesson thought it was worth the risk to get in the cat trap for the cat

My birthday spread from Chloe last Sunday  This is a love letter to me from Buddy, an apology note from
Wesson for stinking and a statement from Pharaoh about his love of the couch...hilarious

A few Sundays ago it was Bark in the Park at the Memphis Redbirds and we took 4 dogs over there and had a great time!

Gumball, Wesson, Buddy and Biscuit

I picked the kids up from school last week and I let them get A snack at the gas station and look what they came out with....
That's Whit, August and Stella (and Buddy in the back)

Class of 2019 Scholarship Banquet....Chloe is far right in a blue dress standing next to her new BFF Rebecca Ballard
The funny thing about the Scholarship Banquet is the keynote speaker was the president of UCA in Conway and he
said he'd make it short and sweet and he did by saying his main message if for kids to quit putting their every move
on Facebook or Instagram and before I realized it I loudly clapped and said "yeah!" totally embarrassing Chloe.  I
was nearly to my feet before she shamed me for agreeing loudly with the!  It's true about social media...
I CANNOT stand it when people put all their junk on there INCLUDING politics, money, religion and if
they have stomach bug.  It also drives me NUTS that people put their birthday on Facebook.  It seems so needy to me...
Chloe's been getting back out on the golf course....
Sunday, May 8, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEME!  And Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!  Chloe's Strut Your Mutt is Saturday, so I'll post it soon!  And her 15th birthday is Saturday, she's planned to have some of her publications team over.

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