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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Eran cooks for the family before concerts (he plays downtown from Symphony Hall generally on the same nights).
This is a poached Salmon with a shallot sauce...It was really, really good!  I need a chef like Wendy has!! No offense
Jackie but she's got it made in the kitchen!

I snapped this of Ayelet who's going into the 4th grade....she's incredibly funny, smart and gifted all things musical

We played pictionary one night and these two showed their sibling rivalry.  They are competitive and have ears that can
hear an adult conversation from the other room (Chloe still has those ears).

Maytal, me and Ayelet...thanks for the correction Wendy...I'm seriously bad about alphabetical situations
Friday, June 24, 2016

The end of June I got to fly up to see Wendy, Eran and their precious girls Ayelet and Maytal.  Of course I got to see the fabulous Chicago Symphony and maestro Ricardo Muti (who I seriously have a crush on).  It was a great weekend catching up with Wendy.  I've put some photos of the girls and Eran's wonderful cooking (I mean he is sooooo talented!).  Switzerland blogs to follow!  I'm considering going back to Chicago in the fall because Sia is performing there but Jackie thinks they'll add some concerts closer to Birdeye in the fall.  We shall see.

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