Spring Break Santa Fe 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Chloe set her timer to get this shot.....we thought we'd get more of the mountains but...

August's eyes are closed dang it!
August's 2nd birthday party at Rancho De Chimayo near Taos

In Jeanie's new expedition...Stella, Chloe and August in the back

Whit, Stella, August and Chloe in Sante Fe....Whit loves to mess up my posed photos....

Waiting for our table...

We had a table in the middle of this restaurant, the decorations were cool and the waiter said they loved how much
fun our table was having!  lol
At the top of a hiking trail overlooking Sante Fe...the sun was so bright the kids said they were "DYING!"

On Palm Sunday all the churches traditionally walk around the downtown square...Chloe got a few photos....

Skiing in Taos (it's about 2 hours from Sante Fe) Stella, Whit and Jackie...I'm not sure where Chloe is...

I was so impressed with Whit...he hadn't been skiing in two years and just put on
skis and went down blues with me (Jackie and Chloe stayed on the bunny slopes)

Good photos on the ski lift


This is Al's Run, a black slope that when Jackie and the cousins came to ski in Taos back in the early 1980s,
Martin and Benton got stuck on it and had to come down on their rears.  It is very intimidating don't you think?

Someone on Al's run

The view from Al's run down the mountain

Whit, Stella and Chloe.  They all ski without poles

We hiked from our hotel to this park that overlooks Sante Fe.....and we witnessed a marriage 

I think it was good that all the kids got so see two men getting married.  They didn't give it a second thought
 Friday, March 18, 2016

We left Friday about noon to head to Sante Fe with a stop in Amarillo.  Martin left at the crack of dawn with his crew and we rode with Harmon and Jeanie.  We had so many laughs on the trip....many of the quotes came from that car ride.  I kid you not, it was non stop laughing.  We got to Sante Fe in time to see the Farmer's Market and have lunch on Saturday.  Sunday we all attended an outdoor Palm Sunday Service at the Cathedral Basilica at St. Francis of Assisi.  It was a beautiful church and morning.  Monday, Kara and I went to a taco class at the Sante Fe Cooking School and the boys took the kids to ski Sante Fe.  Tuesday, we went to Taos on August's birthday to ski and got some holy dirt from Santuario De Chimayo.  About the historical church from their website: El Santuario de Chimayo is a 19th Century Roman Catholic located in Chimayo, New Mexico. The shrine is considered as a national historic landmark and one of the most important Catholic pilgrimage site. Every year more than 30,000 pilgrims from around the world visit this church, especially on Holy Thursday and good Friday. For more information, log on to their interactive website. 

Then we headed home Wednesday morning.  It was a fun trip!

Some of the quotes from spring break:

"Well we almost made it," Jeanie referring to the fact that we pulled out of the hotel in Amarillo heading for Sante Fe, Martin pulled in as we pulled out so their kids could ride with us.  LOL!

"We've got a milkshake right here for you," Jeanie handing Chloe's 8 hour old Chick-fil-a chocolate milkshake when Harmon said he sure wouldn't mind stopping at the Bulldog on the way back home (this was at hour 12 in a row, it got quiet in the car until memaw offered him up Chloe's old milkshake so we could get on home).  Harmon drank it and said, "this is like chocolate milk, I can't look at this," then Jeanie replied, "put a different lid on it so you don't have to look at it"...lol!

"Let's get on the red buzzer and let everyone else in the hotel know that," Chloe to Jackie after he literally ran out of the bathroom on the Taos ski day, announcing he wasn't wearing long underwear...lol!

"Drink wine much?", "Where's the party girls?", "You need my room number?", the comments Kara and I got walking two blocks back to the La Fonda with our New Mexico wine Gruet...we laughed all the way back....

"Is that the movie Keeli got at the gas station?", Grandad said after Memaw, Chloe and I watched the hilarious and great movie Me, Earl and the dying girl....hahahahahahaha!  We got it at a Red Box somewhere in Texas....

"Here, try this.  We're cleaning out the car," Memaw said offering a 2 day old pastry when Jackie asked if we had any candy.  Grandad ate it right up...hahahahahahhaha!

"Were you in a convertible?", Memaw to Martin when he announced at lunch on the first day that he forgot his hair gel.  His hair actually looked like he had the top down....

"He's got a FORD!" Memaw to Grandad who couldn't figure out how to turn off the air conditioner...lol

"12 count nugget MEAL with an unsweet tea..." Jackie ordering at the Shawnee Chick-fil-a.....

"Look at Dad's walk, his tail's got a flutter," Chloe to me following behind Jackie in Sante Fe, we were referring to him as a Meerkat trying to get us on the right street.

"That's the first time I've ever seen someone fall out of a wheelchair", me in the car when we actually saw a guy push a lady in a chair and it got tripped up in the street and she literally fell on her face but was totally fine....

Stella cracks me up!  Chloe got this photo

Chloe wanted to get some action shots of the kids running through the park
At the church Palm Sunday 

Chloe cracks me up!

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