Back to School 2016, Birdeye

Friday, August 19, 2016

Dang blurry camera....we took Chloe to Rogers the first week of August for the 21 Pilots concert in the Walmart AMP (that's the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion) in Rogers right off the bypass.  This is the concert, it was actually really good.  The band has only 2 members, which is crazy to me, they first came out in ski masks and by the end of the show,
the drummer only had shorts on....The crowd was all teeny boppers and a few parents (like us).  It was a good
concert I will say.  I've been to a bunch of concerts and this one is actually in the top 5. I. know.I'm.crazy.
First day of 10th grade for Chloe, left is Whit (6th), August (1st) and Stella (4th)

Our second annual photo in Midtown Birdeye at the Bradshaw's...It's fun to get all the cousins together once a year for a's Stella, Linton, August, Whit, Katie, Reece and Chloe

Ok so the real reason I haven't published a bunch of blogs this summer is because I've been pickling cucumbers.
I grew cucumbers at about a 2-3 quart pace every 5 days starting in June...then when Kara and I went to talk to our local
county judge about expanding the library and improving downtown in July, I ran into Phyllis Fleming at the farmer's market.  She grew cucumbers for me in the past called me a week later with 20 lbs. of cucumbers three times in late July.  She said "shhh...don't tell anyone because I don't want the pressure to have to grow for you next year," (lol)....but I did put up an amazing amount of dill pickles this year

And thank the Lord for Chloe who helped peel the garlic while I prepped the harvest,
dill, jars and brine.  She helped a great deal

I took this photo at a coffee shop in downtown was all photos of the people
who owned the Iron Horse Coffee Shop in downtown Rogers, very cool

Monday, Aug. 15, 2016

We've had a great summer except it was over too fast for Chloe.  This summer has been filled with golf, Switzerland, gardening and Chloe trying to sleep till noon like her dad liked to back in the day.  Chloe's got a pretty intense schedule with Spanish, Pre AP Biology, Pre AP Geometry, Pre AP English, Pre AP World History, CBA (a computer class) and she's the Business Manager for the yearbook staff.  Piano is still on the radar and she has golf everyday after school through September 15.  I hope everyone has a safe and good school year!

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