Birdeye Update

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Two weeks ago Kyle had a surprise birthday party for Bettie (she and her sister Anne Levesque own the corner
house at Birdeye)...I got this shot of her daughter Heilbron making a toast to her mother...Heilbron was on a walker from
falling off of a ladder in their living room while installing drapes.  Bettie has done a ton of remodeling to the house next
door and it's coming along (paint, flooring, kitchen, roof, landscaping etc)
Maytal was doing the "ninja" with's 
I meant to post this last week but here are Wendy's precious girls when they stopped by on their way to Hot Springs Village
And as you can see, Buddy was living the dream with these two!
Girls night at Laurie's in Oklahhoma City....Leslie, Angelia, Laurie, Barbie,
Stephanie, Lori, Stephanie and me in front 
Chloe at Top Golf...swinging the driver.  She's playing on the golf team Tuesday in West Memphis
Laurie and I have animal rescue in common, here's a pony she rescued walking around the yard.  He was very tame.  They have 5 acres off 1-35 and Wilshire...all dog, goat and pony rescues

Maggie Miller and Chloe at the Junior PGA finals in Jonesboro.  You can see both scores behind them...go Chloe!
Sunday, August 21, 2016

Leslie from OKC wanted to get a girls weekend together so we went and got some errands done, played some golf and Jackie was my personal Uber driver.  It was a quick weekend but had a good time.  Then as I was pulling in the driveway Sunday and Dad called to tell me that my grandmother in Weatherford broke her hip and was in the hospital in OKC.  She had surgery Monday and I talked to her last night and things went well.  Get Well Grandmother!  (I've added some photos from these last few weeks on here too)

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