California 2017

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Golden Gate Bridge

Giant Redwoods

Kayleen, Rob, Mark, Charlie and Chloe
Charlie taught Chloe how to surf on the first try!  Amazing.  He's really talented at surfing
and was a great teacher for Chloe to learn how to surf....

At Charlie's favorite coffee shop near Santa Cruz

Sarah, Hattie, Charlie, Chloe and Kayleen (at Mark's on the 4th)

July 1, 2017

Chloe asked to go to California by herself to visit her cousins after her Great Aunt Kayleen was here at Easter.  Kayleen and Mark, her son, came for a week in April and talked Chloe into visiting.  Chloe loved it!  She got to surf, see a wonderful play about Beethoven, a parade with gypsies as well as lots of good food, said by Chloe, "they eat really healthy".  So the minute we picked her up at the Little Rock Airport, she begged to go eat pasta or pizza so that's what we did.

We enjoyed hearing the multiple stories of Charlie, Charlie and Rob, Hattie and Sarah as well as riding with aunt Kayleen on the freeway and losing her car in a parking lot (no shortage of funny stories).  Gina works at a pharmaceutical company and Rob stays at home raising Charlie.  Hattie is in college nearby and Charlie will be in the 11th grade like Chloe.  Rob and Charlie are a funny pair, Chloe loved telling a story about Rob having to take Charlie surfing day in and day out.  When Rob needs a break from Charlie, he goes to the garage to watch the Tour De France.  Chloe cracked up.  Chloe also reported when I told Gina that Charlie and Hattie are welcome in Arkansas anytime, Charlie announced, "I won't be visiting Arkansas unless the sea levels rise", that made Chloe's day.

They all went to Mark's place on the 4th of July and had a great time.  Everyone wanted to watch the fireworks from Mark's roof but someone pulled the plug on that idea.  Mark has a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that's a good hunting dog and Charlie has a spaniel named Winston.

Kayleen took Chloe to see a play about Beethoven, took her to whale watch, see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Redwoods and they toured Stanford and had lots of fun together.  I wrote Kayleen and Rob and Gina thank you notes but I'm not sure that they were long and thankful enough.  That was a special trip for Chloe and we are so thankful for Jeanie's sister and niece.  Chloe went to California on a Saturday to a Saturday and had a great time.  She did say after both her summer trips that she does prefer the East coast to the West coast which I thought was interesting since California weather is so wonderful but I know it was a great experience for Chloe.  Thanks Gayleen, Mark and Rob and Gina!

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