Summer of Fosters, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

And there's this....I've put up about 20 quarts of pickles this year.....
Jack Jack was returned to us right after our trip to the east coast.  But thankfully he went locally and I hope he doesn't come back....:)  He's a good dude, house and crate trained but big enough to knock me down

Matu, a 1-2 year old yellow lab, just arrived in Rhode Island via a transport.
Chloe and I picked him up on the way home around Mother's Day at Levesque.  You
all know I don't pick up dogs because they always find out where I live and work.

Anyway, Save a Lab Rescue, paid for his heartworm treatment and he stayed with us
all summer.  He is my 2nd most favorite foster we've had over the years (Paco was my
tops).  Anyway, he's going to a great family and I'm glad Dr. Boone suggested to email lab
rescues and she was right, they saw this handsome dude and grabbed him right up :)

Matu traveled from Memphis on this semi-truck trailer to Rhode Island
last Thursday night....he got there at noon on Saturday.
Chloe was very impressed with the set up on this transport
We had Pharoah for 2-1/2 years, we pulled this Afghan from the Nashville dog
pound at 11 years old.  He was sick and it was time to euthanize him last week.  It's always
so hard but it was time.  He had a great life in Birdeye
Puddin was a lab mix that showed up in my yard in June.  She's in New Hampshire now living the dream!
This is Dee Dee, yes I know, another pit mix. But this gal was a good, good girl.  She's up in Kennebunkport, Maine living the dream....

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