Le Conte, Smokey Mountains

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Chloe, Whit, Stella and August
We were thrilled to arrive on a Wednesday afternoon at Le Conte, when the Llama's come bring fresh
linens and food then take the trash and dirty linens back down.  It was a
real treat to see them.  I think there were 8-10 Llamas

For some reason, Chloe really was scared a Llama would spit on her....great action shot! haha
June 12, 2017

Right after Chicago, we all headed to the Smokey Mountains and Le Conte cabins.  Kara and Martin went on and on about Le Conte a few years ago and encouraged us to go with them again.  So of course, we were in!  Kara's parents, Bob and Polly booked a lodge near Le Conte for Bob's brother and sister and their kids and grankids.  We had a great time with them.  Bob has a fun, active family.  They all went on a high speed canoe trip (I don't do those with all my medical equipment) and had a great time.

Then the 10 of us hiked to Le Conte.  It was about a 4 mile hike with a good 2,000 foot incline.  When we made it to the Le Conte mountain, I was thrilled!!  The cabins don't have running water or electricity and all their supplies are brought up via Llamas once a week.   We played monopoly and cards in the afternoon and had a family style dinner with all the other campers.  There were about 60 campers there in the 10 cabins at Le Conte.  After dinner, we all hiked to the top of Le Conte to see the sunset, it was really beautiful.  I didn't have my camera or phone so sorry there aren't photos!  The next day, we all hiked out after a morning rain and Jackie, Chloe and I took advantage of being near the East Coast and headed up to visit film schools on the coast.  I'll post more from that trip soon!  I can mark Le Conte off my list, done and done!

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