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Saturday, July 2, 2010

Mike Shannon delivers again! Jackie and I ate at one of our downtown St. Louis steakhouses on our way to the Cardinals/Brewers game. It was a hot day and we asked to be seated inside in the ultra posh bar area near the tv's so we could see replay World Cup games. We had a wonderful, young waiter that kept everything rolling. Jackie ordered the grass fed filet that was listed $2 more than the other filet. No entree comes with vegetables or salads, so Jackie ordered up the burgundy mushrooms. I had the very delicious House Salad with artichokes, grated Parmesan and house vinaigrette. For my entree, I ordered a side of the lobster mac. I didn't want to eat too much before the walk over to the stadium in the heat. It was a heavy side and we split it and left a ton on the table, just sayin. I made a pass through the ladies room and found it in perfect shape. Mike Shannon's was great, as it has been over the years. Our bill was $102 which wasn't too bad, with the Schlafly beer and glass of chardonnay. We did wonder why they didn't serve all grass fed beef instead of a choice of the beef fed artifical growth hormones. I'll have to research that!

Original Review June 2, 2009

Mike Shannon's is one of our favorite downtown St. Louis establishments. Jackie and I have been to Shannon's for 15 years now and are never disappointed. When the new Busch Stadium opened in 2006, the year the Cardinals won the World Series, Shannon's opened an outside bar that faces the north end of the stadium. This is our new spot before game time. This year's St. Louis trip was a new endeavor for us as parents. It was our first trip without Chloe which means we stayed at the fabulous, and I mean fabulous Four Seasons Hotel at Lacledes Landing. This fine, five star, hotel was plush, brand new with a tv in the mirror of the bathroom...We loved the view overlooking the arch.

Back to our weekend without Chloe in fabulous St. Louis, we met some old friends at the patio at Shannon's before the game. It is a great place to stop before the game for beer, brats, hamburgers and nachos. We sat closer to the restaurant on a side patio that had the bar menu from the restaurant and I of course ordered toasted ravioli and we had Stella's and Ultra's and good times talking old times. The ravioli was okay, but not the best.

We were off to the game so I can't review the menu for this wonderful constant restaurant. But it is a must for dinner featuring steaks and seafood. They are known for the delicious house Italian salad and creamed spinach in my book. Jackie loves their steaks.

Mike Shannon's, 620 Market St., St. Louis, MO 63101 314-421-1540

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