Jefferson Jackson Dinner, Little Rock

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jackie and I competed in our first triathlon at Village Creek State Park today! After clinging to the side of the canoe at the half way point of the swim, I've decided that I will be continuing my swimming lessons at the YMCA in Memphis!

Stephen Shanks had called us a few ago before to let us know that cousin Benton Smith, the yellowest Democrat in the state of Arkansas, was to receive the Jinks Democrat Man of the Year that same night at the Arkansas Democratic Convention. So of course we went and we all kept it quiet because it was to be a surprise to Benton, and I think it was. We all enjoyed bottles of Chardonnay and Cabernet on the table and trying to act like we were all at that table of 8 by chance. I wish I knew who catered the event, but it was great food. The buffet was salad, rice, rolls, green beans, chicken or beef. It was really good!

Benton was so surprised and accepted the award and recognition with flying colors. His acceptance speech and acknowledgements of his family full of Democrats was perfect. And what a great way to end our first triathlon day! And I was proud to show off my magic markered leg with my tri bib number under my dress! lol!

Top picture is Benton and Alexis, group pic at the dinner and pre-triathlon pic.

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