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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

My sister-in-law Kara had a friend in town over the weekend and organized reservations for a crew of us downtown at Itta Beana. I have been dying to review it but when we got on the road, Becca called us to warn us that parts of downtown Memphis was without power. So I suggested going to midtown to find a place for dinner. We parked at the Celtic Crossing Irish Pub, that's Jackie's new thing, going to pubs. We had a beer then walked across the street to Soul Fish Cafe. I loved that we didn't have to fight mosquitoes outdoors and it was a pleasant July evening. We had a short wait at the cafe, keep that in mind. The restaurant is small and our party of 9 took a while to get tables pulled together. We were supposed to have 13 but the power outage spoiled the fun for some of us!

You know someone would order an I think Matt ordered up some fried pickles. They all said they were great. The specials are written on a wall but I stayed on the menu for some reason. I ordered fish tacos for dinner. And oh my gosh...they were the best, blackened tacos in all the land! They were served with black beans that were seasoned with cilantro, salt, pepper and a little pico. The fish was blackened perfectly and the chipolte sauce was divine. I mean, it was awesome! Jackie made a mistake ordering this time. He got the large catfish. And frankly, that is all he got. He did have a choice of two sides, he had the white beans and hush puppies. The fish was broiled, not fried, which was refreshing to me, even though I ordered the perfect dinner for me. He loved his dinner but mine was much, much better, just sayin! Kara wanted desert, so we all got the homemade coconut cake and my coffee was hot and strong, just like I like it.

I can report the ladies room was in perfect shape, even though it was also the storage room for all the paper towels and toilet paper in the place. Serafina was our waitress, our bill was $55.64 which included 2 Fat Tires, chardonnay, and dessert. Not bad I'd say! I loved the Soul Fish Cafe. Check out their great website!

Soul Fish Cafe, 862 S. Cooper, Memphis 901-725-0722

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