The Pancake Shop, Hot Springs, Ark.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good Morning! July 4, 2009

Saturday morning of our family vacation, we all eased our way across the street from the Arlington Hotel to our favorite breakfast place in Hot Springs. Jackie and I have been patrons of this legendary shop for over 17 years. There is sure to be a wait at this small breakfast only restaurant. A wait there was and waiting on Central Avenue is really not a problem on our cool July morning. We finally made our way through the dining room to the back, which is fitting with three children eight and under. I have to say my usual breakfast is nothing but Killough's blueberries, a good cupful, with Grapenuts and coffee every day. So when you mention a pancake to a diabetic, it does send chills down my arm. "Buck up little camper", is a saying Jackie uses on me when I am out of my comfortable surroundings involving food. Everyone at our table ordered pancakes, Buckwheat and Blueberry, and eggs and sausage. I had to order grits with blueberries and one egg and wheat toast. Lame I know, but I didn't want my sensor to alarm everyone if I'd climbed to a reading of over 200!
We had a great, informative waitress that was quick with coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice, as well as fresh butter, not pats, and a full bottle of maple syrup. Within minutes we had our food and all new better to have ordered only one pancake. One pancake filled the entire plate and a good 1/4 inch thick and cooked to perfection. Wow, I had a bite of Jackie's blueberry pancake and that was enough for me, it was delicious and sweet. If I had realized the toast came buttered I would have ordered it dry as it glistened with plenty of that condiment.
We also figured out never to order for chidren here, there is always so much left over that will satisfy these young ones. For instance, a sausage order is 2 thin but very large pieces and one egg is really two.
It averages $8.00 a person at this fine morning establishment. I did notice it was $1.55 for coffee and was glad that included my 3 refills of the hot joe. Their coffee could have been stronger for my palate.
The Pancake Shop is a must in this racing town. It never disappoints.

The Pancake Shop, 216 Central Ave., Hot Springs, Ark., 501-624-5720

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