Veronica's Bakery, Greenwood, MS July 18, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We took the recommendation of the fabulous Alluvian Hotel and walked two short blocks to Veronica's Bakery for lunch. Some of us had spa appointments that morning and the others had been shopping on Howard Street that morning. There are several dress shops, antique shops, a fabulous bookstore, a children's store and of course the Viking store which sits across the street from the Alluvian. The small shops were all really fun to shop in, everyone was so friendly and had southern charm. It really beats the shopping in Chicago and New York.

When we walked into the bakery, a nice lady was in the lobby reading the paper and a lady behind the counter welcomed us and passed us menus. You order at the front desk, take a number and pick a table. The restaurant was so charming with high ceilings and had a cabinet full of pictures of wedding cakes and a cake to purchase in the shape of a handbag, very cute. The counter we ordered from was full of eclairs, carrot cakes and other sweet temptations. The lady with the newspaper stood up and began telling us about the specials and other items on the menu, she turned out to be the cook. She recommended the quesadilla and the cuban sandwich, which Kara ordered. I ordered the feta and tomato sandwich with fruit. The sandwich was really divine, it was panini style and I had them add avocado and hold the mayo. It was really great, the feta was somewhat melted and the avocado was perfectly ripe and you can't say that about avocado just anywhere.

Kara's cuban sandwich was great, she reported. Mary-Margaret ordered the chicken salad croissant with homemade chips. She liked her sandwich and couldn't keep us all off her plate of chips, they were good and everyone of us was devastated we didn't order the chips. When our waitress came back for drink refills we asked if we could get a basket of them and she said it would be a minute since they are cooked to order. Let me say, you have to order them. They were that good. Sarah Jane and Beth both had the quesadilla with salsa and they really liked it too. I should mention the table Alexis found for us, it was a table that was against a wall and had a door to it and it was like we were in a reserved room. It was perfect for the six of us. We needed a door on our table because before long we got louder, laughing about our conversations the night before, our children and about what the boys might be doing. It was nice to have that privacy, even though the room didn't have a roof on it so I am sure our voices floated over the whole restaurant. It was packed when we left an hour and a half later. The service wasn't slow, we just sat around and talked and enjoyed the stories. The tea was exceptional as well.

When we paid our bill we noticed the front cabinet had new items like blonde brownies and chocolate cake slices. Alexis and I got a brownie and cake to go and we all shared it on our way out the door. The brownie had a flour and butter crust and had corn flakes in it, talk about divine. Two bites later, I had to pass it around or I'd eaten the whole thing.

Next time you're in this part of America, or Mississippi, you've got to try Veronica's.

Veronica's Bakery, 222 Howard, Greenwood, Mississippi 662-451-9425

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