Rocky's Corner, Hot Springs, Ark.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kara's Favorite!

Rocky's is located right across the street from Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs. This fine restaurant boasts Chicago Style Pizza, Italian sandwiches and other Italian specialties like vienna hot dogs. This is Kara's favorite pizza place in Hot Springs and was a must while in town. On the way from Magic Springs Waterpark, we called in our pizza at Chloe and Whit's request, they were starving at this late 1:30 pm hour. Chloe only wants a cheese pizza and Kara knew to order the Knockout. The Knockout features Italian sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and tomatoes. She has to have green olives on half this pie, by the way.
So by the time we arrived at Rocky's, Whit was passed out in the 3rd seat but we plucked him right on up and into the place. When the waitresses saw our crowd, they quickly pulled tables together where else than the back of the restaurant. Chloe and Whit quickly took a four top, bar stool height, table away from us and ordered up pineapple and cranberry juices, alrighty then.
The rest of us shared some Cabernet and pitchers of New Belgium Fat Tire. Kara ordered toasted ravioli, yes, cringing here, and talked Jeanie and I into ordering their small house salad which was divine I might add. This iceberg lettuce salad has a really good vinaigrette dressing and artichokes. Very good and amazing because Kara hates iceberg lettuce.
The pizza arrived before the salads did but we expected this. The cheese pizza for the kids was perfectly thin and they tore it up. The pizza's are served on cake stands and the kids loved standing up in their chairs and serving themselves at the no adult table. The Knockout was great and I loved the green olive addition. The pizza although round, is cut like tick tack toe. So the pieces were small which is great and the dough in not Chicago style like Gino's in Chicago. It was ordinary pizza dough, but good nonetheless.
Stella was passed out in Kara's arms in the end as we finished off the pizza and beer. I have always liked Rocky's and enjoyed our friendly waitress who was attentive and nice to share the ravioli's weren't homemade but the pizza crust is.

Rocky's Corner, 2600 Central Ave., Hot Springs, Ark., 501-624-0299

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  1. I love the Birdeye store write up. It is such a classic place to get breakfast or lunch. And I do have to agree with Chloe - the grilled cheeses are the best around!!!! Also, you have to try their fabulous catfish on Fridays (you can get it other days of the week too, but it is the special of the day on Saturdays)