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Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kara! Kara's been wanting to go to this Harbor Town restaurant forever. And she finally got to Saturday night and with all her biker friends. We have a crew of road bikers, it's funny almost all of them are fellow Presbyterians or family. We carpooled with Kyle and Cecilia Killough and we enjoyed the conversation so much! Martin drove us and with Jackie at the Vanderbilt/Ole Miss game, the girls got to sit in the back with our hors d'oeuvres and Cabernet. Kara and I are notorious for taking snacks with us for the hour drive over to Memphis. I made a trial run of an appetizer Kara found for me to make for the Historical Preservation fundraiser at their home in a few weeks. The recipe was super easy and very tasty. What I liked most about it was that it was made with canned flaky biscuits that you separate into 3 pieces that fit in a mini muffin tin. And we didn't get flakes all over us! The filing was tomatoes, crisp bacon, fresh basil, oregano, mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese. Very tasty, we all liked it. Kara also had a chore for Cecilia and I on the way over. We cut ribbon for her napkin rings for the fundraiser at her house. We enjoyed helping her out and talking about our kids and everything inbetween.

When we got to Harbor Town, we pulled into the parking lot by Tugs and the River Inn and parked in the back. It was a super short walk to the hotel. We were seated immediately in the rear of the half full, quiet restaurant. Ashley was our waitress and had the cocktails and wine on the way. We loved that a waiter showed up next with a dessert with a candle on it and placed it in front of Kara. We hadn't even ordered our food yet and she said, "Uh, it is my birthday but I don't think this is mine." He brought it to the wrong table and we all just laughed about it.

We had some great conversation about bike riding, our kids, upcoming travel plans and all sorts of things. We all had a great time catching up for Kara's birthday. In the photo is Kara at the head, Martin, Chuck and Lisa Blanton, Cecilia Killough then Kyle Killough, Stan and Beth Bradshaw and me. Bikers not present Jackie, Becca and Neall Jackson, Jimmy Huff and Beth Malone and Michael Hirons. And that's about it on the restaurant.

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