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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

We got to Little Rock today for the Big Dam Bridge 50 mile bike ride. The event starts downtown Little Rock to the Big Dam Bridge, the longest pedestrian bridge in the United States, and goes to Mayflower and Conway depending on the distance you ride. Our group of 8 all rode 50, Kara and initially signed up for only 30, but Beth Bradshaw and I changed her mind. It was Jackie and I's first time since last year when we were signed up, we both came down with the swine flu after Chloe had it for a solid week. Glad that is in the past!

We had a great time at the event, even though my bike arrived with a flat. After dinner, we had our supplies and Martin changed it the first time and it blew (it sounded like a gunshot and didn't even wake Auggie!) and the second one looked like it would hold. They checked the tire for shrapnel and checked the tire frame and it looked good. Well it was flat the next morning and I didn't notice it until 45 minutes until event time. Bob Hardin, Kara's dad, came to change it and noticed that the spout where the nosel comes through looked rough and was probably the reason. We used one of Kara's tubes and used my tegaderm tape and some band aids (thanks to Kara) and hope it'd hold. Meanwhile back at the ranch, it was 7:25 and everyone was patiently waiting out front. Beth and Stan Bradshaw, Bob and Polly Hardin (Kara's parents), and Kara and Martin waited for us. Luckily Bob and Polly weren't in a hurry. The four of them did the event last year and said there was NO rush to get to the start line because there are thousands of bikers and we needed to let them get ahead. The beauty of the event was that when we strolled up the crowd was still thinning out. After the event, we all agreed that the key to the Big Dam 50 is taking breaks at the aid stations and eating. The first aid station at the 15 mile mark boasted lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, oranges, bananas, pickles, Gatorade and toilets. We all enjoyed the stop. At Mayflower, Arkansas, the 25 mile aid station and our turn around, had the same thing plus cookies. We got some pictures and turned around. The ride back was so easy, I enjoyed stalking two 100 mile participants when they passed me 6 miles from North Little Rock. I picked up Bob on the way and he and I crossed the finish line together several minutes after Martin, who was the top finisher in our group and probably had been waiting on us for 30 minutes. It was a great day! After that we grabbed a quick bite at the Flying Fish, I wish I'd taken photos of to blog, but we were still settling after the 50. Plus everyone in the restaurant was in their Razorback gear and enjoyed looking at us in our biking gear. Fun times.

We had a great meal the night before the Big Dam at Loca Luna. Kara picked this restaurant because she had planned to bring her 3 precious blessings with her but ended up getting a sitter, which was a great idea. We had reservations at 6:30 and were promptly seated. Polly added her cousin Nancy to the group, so we had to have the table adjusted which gave Bob a reason to move to the boys end of the table, lol!

Our great waitress, I didn't get her name, was friendly and on her toes. I had a special Syrah and I loved it. Most of our party had their house salad, I didn't because Jackie and I had a snack and a beer at the Flying Saucer before hand. Everyone seemed to like it though. I also noticed there wasn't bread on the table which was good. In a time of an obese America and especially children, who needs bread and butter with a salad before a large meal? I think it's a good idea to not fatten people with that stuff. And you all know I am a non-appetizer person, and I had just had one at the Flying Saucer! There are times when I need a piece of bread, so rules and ideas can be amended and I do all the time! You gotta live a little.

There were tons of specials, Polly had the Voodoo Stew and loved it. I had the sea bass special served with rice and steamed vegetables and it was the first plate to be gone. I loved the fish because it was poached and not covered in one of those sauces. It was light and perfect. Of course Kara ordered dessert and some partook. We all loved Loca Luna. I recommend it when you are downtown. It was just a 5 minute drive from our hotel. And the ladies room was in perfect shape.

Loca Luna has many national reviews for being a great neighborhood bistro. Chef Mark Anthony has a wonderful bio on their website. You'll love the location and feel of the restaurant. They are also known for their gourmet plate lunches.

Picture number one is everyone at Mayflower half way point, picture number two is the view from the Big Dam Bridge, yes I took photos while on my bike, crazy I know, then the restaurant!

Loca Luna, 3519 Old Cantrell, Little Rock, 501-663-4666 www.localuna.com

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