Kara's Birthday Party, Pleasant Hill

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Kara!

Gosh, my fabulous sister-in-law Kara, turned another year older today. Our mother-in-law is famous for having a wonderful birthday dinner planned for her two sons and luckily, for Kara and I, her daughter-in-laws. This year Jeanie had the idea of instead of cooking, have it catered by one of Kara's favorite places. Helen McClain, a former chef at Chez Phillipe and Ronnie Grisanti's in Memphis has her own catering business, Fabulous Foods in Marianna. You can check out the website, pick your food, grab it in Marianna and you've got a wonderful, home cooked meal (or birthday dinner for Kara) with no mess.

Jeanie had her table in perfect shape for dinner. And she always makes a table for Chloe, Whit and Stella. They are so cute with their place settings. For simplicity, Jeanie had them pick their own Lunchable, which Kara and I can't stand, but allow for ease. They enjoyed it as much as we loved Helen's food. Kara picked baked catfish with crawfish sauce, turnip greens, salad with goat cheese and vinaigrette and homemade yeast rolls. We had a Hay's birthday cake but Helen's dessert also was served, a chocolate creme brulee with raspberry sauce. Delicious!

Next time you want a wonderful meal without the mess, don't hesitate to think outside the box and get Helen McClain to cook for you. Go to www.fabulousfoods.org or call her at 901-574-2285 or email her at chef@fabulousfoods.org.

I added photos of Chloe, Whit and Stella performing for us. Chloe is the instigator of original plays. She and Whit plan their play and this year they actually included Stella. In year's past, Whit would refuse to perform because Stella was included. Well, finally they are old enough to let 3 year old Stella have a part. We had rows of chairs in Jeanie's hallway to watch the original plays. We loved it and I think we saw 3 different plays, there were so many intermissions I'm not sure I kept up! lol!

Helen McClain, owner of Fabulous Foods, Marianna, Ark., 901-574-2285 www.fabulousfoods.org

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