2011 Garden is here, Birdeye

Monday, March 14, 2011

This garlic looks exactly like the kind I cook with...
(this is the first time I've ever planted garlic, we'll see)
Two rows of garlic....I'll report when harvesting this summer!
Chloe's carrots she planted last summer....
she was so excited about her harvest!
Romaine I planted last September, it's so fun to walk outside
and get fresh lettuce from the garden
My homemade compost pile, we'll see if it'll be ready this fall
Sunday, March 13, 2011

YAY for a cloudy Sunday!  I got Jackie and Chloe to help me after church today in the garden.  Chloe was so stinking cute pulling up the carrots she planted last fall.  I hope it'll make a lasting impression on her of how stinking easy it is to hum out seeds and have food in your backyard.

Today we added compost and soil to the raised beds and got three kinds of onions planted, two rows of garlic (my first time to plant garlic), one row each of Arugula, Spinach and more Romaine.  Last week I planted a bag of new potatoes. 

This May I'll get peppers and tomatoes in there as well.  Two years ago, I planted 3 strawberry plants and they looked good today.  They were bigger and healthy I think.  Homegrown strawberries are so, so good.  The herbs I planted in the grow light mom gave me look good so far.  I'll post on the garden this year!

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  1. I started a compost about 3 years ago about 3 times that size. I waited two years and got about a foot of soil from it. Grass, leaves, and fruit/veggie scraps oh and coffee grounds and egg shells. Great for the garden and it is free! Unfortunately it is by a tree and there a tons of little roots that you have to remove from the soil but I have no other place to put it. when do you harvest the garlic?