Spring Break at home this year and Village Creek State Park, Wynne

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The great cabins at Village Creek State Park

Colley making he and Benton's favorite grilled onions

The kids playing at the park...Stella, Brooks, Connor, Whit,
Bryce, Chloe and BFF Anna Claire Burrow

The next day we met the Burrow twins at the Memphis Zoo
with Whit and Chloe (I had Whit Wednesday and Friday of
Spring Break, Kara had Chloe Tuesday)

Chloe on Wednesday of Spring Break had another BFF Bailey
Bigger and Whit and Stella over for Bailey's 11th birthday, we
had a great time at home, playing etc and then that night everyone
went to Redbirds Stadium to see the baseball Razorbacks

Colley and Benton's grilled onion gettin the sauce...it was yummy!

Sunday after Spring Break, Biscuit (in a scarf, yes he wore it), the Gooch Man
in between and Tu Jague all worn out from all of us being home that week...haha!

Chloe took about 50 pictures at the Memphis Zoo

BFF Anna Claire spent the night and they had a great
time hanging out.  Anna Claire's the only girl in Colley's
two sets of twins, yes, two sets and they are all wonderful kids with great manners.  The Memphis Zoo with 3 adults and 6 kids was easy believe it or not!
March 27, 2011

Spring Break this year was spent at home and we were so excited about having two of Chloe's best friends over during the week as well as Kara making the Memphis Children's Museum a stop on Tuesday, Memaw and Grandad took Whit and Chloe bike riding at the state park, we had Bailey's 11th Birthday Party at our house on Wednesday, dinner with the Burrow's at Village Creek State Park down the road and finishing off the week Friday at the Memphis Zoo.  It was one of the best spring breaks ever!  And I say that cause we've been to Washington DC and New York City on Spring Break and nothing beats spending that time with friends and family close to home and enjoying our state parks.  I'm looking forward to spending yet another Smith Family Vacation this year at another state park near Hot Springs in June.

I had to ask Colley Burrow, a family friend of ours since Jackie was in grade school and who was at our wedding way, way back in OKC in 1993, what in the world we was doing in that foil....I grabbed my camera and took a shot of him making he and Benton's favorite side item for a grill out event.  I believe it goes to score an onion in foil, top it with butter, Cavendar's and BBQ sauce.  And let me just say it was delish.  I loved the onion side, it was totally cooked to perfection.  We'll have to try it at our next cookout.

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  1. What a fun spring break. Just goes to show, you don't have to travel far when cousins and great friends are near. Cute pics.