Munchkin, Gumball and Chunk...(and soccer and birthday)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jackie and I ran the Cooper Young 4 mile race last Friday and
Chloe went to play with her BFF in Marion, Bailey Bigger.
Those two have been buddies since fun!

Chloe at soccer pictures Saturday.  She's on Westmoreland
team and has had a good time even though they are about 3 kids
short for substituting.

Her shirt is a little bit too big!

I cannot believe I got an action shot of her near the ball...
lol! She likes to just let the big players get in on all the action!

The other night Chloe was body slamming Jackie and this was her invention...:)

Look at that retainer...she's been told to keep wearing
it by her new Orthodontist Dr. Fergus in Jonesboro...
and it has made a HUGE difference in straightening her
 bottom teeth, Chloe's done a good job of keeping it in!

Kara's birthday meal at Jeanie's...delicious Carrot Cake by Cathy
Helton....Kara with Whit, Chloe and Stella

Chloe's new fosters from the Birdeye Store...she's named these lab
mixes, Munchkin, Gumball and Chunk...she's done a better job this
time with cleaning and feeding her strays!  They are about 7 weeks
and are adorable.  They'll be ready for forever homes AFTER NEUTER!
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I know I haven't been blogging much's been so stinking busy!  I thought I'd share what we've been up to!  Soccer, orthodontist, fostering, Kara's birthday, riding bikes and on and on!  It's been a fun fall so far but busy!  I'll get back on track soon on new restaurants and cooking soon!!!

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