Wynne Presbyterian Church Sunday School Kickoff, Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jackie and Chloe rode their bikes from our house out to the farm,
about 5 miles...notice I need to straighten her helmet :)  I drove
the brunch items over so I didn't ride with my food in a backpack!  lol!

Everyone socializing before church

Jeanie has a great sand pile for the grandkids that Katie Bradshaw,
Evan Huff and Linton Bradshaw all enjoyed it!

Jeanie wrote the service and had the youth lead the service...
it was so fun to have the young people of the church up there!

Presbyterians can COOK!! Look at this spread!

The sand pile was a hit!

This was the start of one of Jeanie's games...the egg race!
Harmon with Chloe, Margaret and Stella

Jeanie also had a Treasure Hunt...it was so fun for the kids!

It was a beautiful day for an outside service!

The donkeys were fun to watch...look at that baby following behind!
Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a moving morning it was watching my favorite Sunday TV program, the CBS Sunday Morning Show.  Our church has a tradition of about 10 years now of going to Harmon and Jeanie's farm on the first Sunday after Labor Day to kick off the new Sunday School classes.  We have potluck brunch at 10 am with a service.  Our church is without a pastor right now and no interim was available so Jeanie, my mother-in-law, had the service laid out and had programs printed.  It was a wonderful service led by some of our youth.  The one thing our church is known for and that is to have no choir and not very good singers.  Luckily, on this September 11 Sunday, Jeanie had America the Beautiful slated for the first verse only.  And it all cracked us up outside under their beautiful 40 year old maple shade trees, that we didn't even have Nema Cockrill to lead us.  Paul and Nema are hard working and volunteering Presbyterians who can sing.  We made it without Nema but it wasn't pretty because we sounded like row, row, row your boat because we were off rhythm.  Cecilia and I loved it, we were standing in the back row cracking up!  It was a fun day with all the games Jeanie had slated and the social time was fun with all the great food.  A big thanks to them for having our church family over for over a decade!

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