Beauty Shop, Cooper Young, Memphis

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It was so wonderful to see one of my good friends
Joy with her newborn John B, who was born last
week and spent a week in the NICU...he's out and
both are doing just fabulous, look at her smile! :) 

Kara made a prediction that Beth would have her dress on...
they didn't avoid each other, like I did a few weeks ago at
Picnic'n on Front street when my dress was on another lady..
they look like they enjoyed it!  

Guests at the party we helped throw for Jimmy and Beth, Kelly
Vaught, Ashley King, Beth, the soon-to-be bride, and Lindsey Midkiff

Jimmy and Beth, that was an awesome dress...what a GREAT couple!

Oh..the bloody mary..delish!

Beignets...just big enough for a little sweetness
with my black coffee...delicious and makes me ready
for the authentic ones at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans

What a beautiful morning in Cooper Young,
sitting outside was wonderful for brunch!

Ahh the Beauty Shop, it can deliver some Brunch!
Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

(just so ya'll know that I've been working on this layout and I can't get my words to be in front of the pictures dang it...I know Google is working on this but it's not on my side :))

Whew....Jackie entered us in a 8 am 10K over in Memphis this morning and lemme tell you how I was unsure of gettin up at the crack of dawn to run but it turned out to be a fun morning.  We helped host a party for Jimmy Huff and his fabulous fiance Beth Malone last night over at our cycle repair guru Kyle Killough's house.  I'm putting some pics on here from the great party.  It was a ton of fun, great people and lots of awesome food!  A shout out to Cecilia and Kyle, their house was beautiful!

Jackie found this 10K over in Overton Park in Memphis off of  It was only $25 and included a great shirt from Bluff City Sports.  I love racesonline and Bluff City and Start 2 Finish event management.  They put on some great races and is a great place to find events around Memphis and East Arkansas.  We use them for our Kids Marathon and Kids Triathlon.  Today's event was a fundraiser for Overton Park and was a trail race, it was so fun being on the trails single file.  The race got a little mixed up at mile 3 and 4, they said they thought a Memphian running in the park may have been followed by some participants.  Everyone handled it well and we enjoyed a Miller High Life afterward.  I don't think I've ever had a High Life but it was good nonetheless.

Jackie was starving when we were heading out, we had a good hour to kill before getting Chloe, so we moseyed around the Cooper Young area looking for any restaurants that were open at 10 am on a

Sunday.  We checked Celtic Crossing first because of a potential soccer game that might be on at the hour, no luck there and we saw the door open at the Beauty Shop with tables set outside so we took a seat and ended up having one of the best brunches EVER!  I rarely say that on this blog.  I don't know if it was a successful 6 miles for me, the beautiful Sunday morning or that hot coffee and perfect Bloody Mary, but it was a darn good brunch.  Jackie checked scores on my phone while I continued to tally our local school safety and walking school bus surveys until our dishes arrived.  We had a great waiter named Clay that took great care of us.

It's not a breakfast item, but I love a fish taco with slaw and this was one of my favorite ones yet.  It had a flaming hot remoulade sauce, fresh jalapenos, cilantro, tomatoes and guacamole on a what looked like fresh made corn tortilla.  I had fresh fruit as a side and the watermelon, cantaloupe and blueberries were perfect.  Oh, and that Bloody Mary was one of my favorites.  I haven't had one like that in a long time, and that's a long, long time since I don't think I've had a Bloody Mary this year.  This one was complemented by two celery talks, fresh dill, queen green olives and good amount of pepper and Worcestershire sauce.   Jackie had the Fried Oyster Po-boy, and even though he was starving, he said and I quote, "mmm....this is the best sandwich I think I have ever had."  I mean he said, "mmm....this is the best sandwich EVER after a 10K!"  I'm laughing because he loved the spicy remoulade sauce as I did and offered me a bite more than once, which is a rarity.

No dessert, duh!  This diabetic was heading home to finish those surveys and enjoy the Sunday afternoon with my Chloe.  It was a perfect meal on a Sunday morning at 10 am in Memphis.  I highly recommend the Beauty Shop, we've had dinner there before with Kara and Martin and it was great, but rocked!

Our brunch with a Bloody Mary and coffee was $37.59, btw!  My tacos and his po-boy were $9 each, beignets $6 and Bloody Mary $7.  Divine!

Beauty Shop Restaurant, 966 S. Cooper, Memphis, TN 38204, 901-272-7111

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