Gearhead Cycle House, Jonesboro

Friday, October 7, 2011

oh....can I just say that them are some bikes...:)

Ok Jackie...this is THE Specialized I NEED for Christmas...
(ya'll just tell him on our next bike ride dang it...)

Chloe loved this Specialized Pink Bike she said would be a
great bike for Stella, but she already has one....

Chloe after buying dad's goods for his birthday...

My favorite bicycle shop in all the land....
Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jackie!  Chloe and I shopped in Gearhead last week to get Jackie some new gloves, socks and some shot blocks and we took some photos of the place.  Jason, my bike man, was there and we got to talking about how Arkansas was "getting there" on infrastructure to bring cyclists to the state.  He said how Colorado, New Mexico, California and even Missouri have trails where people travel to to ride bikes.  How great it would be to have a bike lane down Crowley's Ridge Parkway! 

I asked Jason to tell me about the new cycle house across the street from Gearhead in downtown Jonesboro and here's what he said (and this also talks about this fancy, new Specialized bike I want for Christmas, it is so sssswwweeeeeeeeettttt...:)):

As for the bike, it's a 2012 Specialized Venge. It was just released this year, and so far it has been used to win Milan-San Remo, 5 stages of the Tour de Frace, and the top two podium spots at the World Championship Road Race. Specialized makes three different bikes for professional road racing use - The Tarmac (ultra light weight, ideal for mountain stages), the Roubaix (lightweight, but a smoother ride than the Tarmac & Venge, ideal for long single day races with cobblestone sections), and the Venge (Lightweight, aerodynamic shaped frame tubing, ideal for sprinters and long flat races).

As for the new shop, we've increased our square footage to about 6000 feet, including the upstairs. The old bike shop was about 2200 square feet, so we have a lot more room. We've increased the number of bikes we keep in stock and we now have a larger clothing & accessory selection than ever before. Our state of the art Bike Fit Studio was brought over form the old shop, but it is now slightly larger and on the ground floor next to the expanded Service Area. In the old location, we could only service two bikes at a time, and the new Service Area can accommodate six bikes.

The building was constructed in 1897, and was called the Eagle Clothing House - we decided to call the new shop Gearhead Cycle House as a nod to the original store. We had to do an extensive remodel to the building, including adding the second floor, restoring the facade, and replacing the original wood floor with a concrete slab. We were able to salvage the original floor joists, and we've used them for our counter tops in the bike shop and for fixtures in our Little Rock store (opening this month!). We were also able to retain the original tin ceiling, and we used wood from the attic for all of the baseboards, counter trim, and paneling in the dressing room. The tile entry to the building is original, including the hand-laid eagle mosaic.

Fire up for rides this fall!  I'm thinking next Saturday, October 15.  I'll send an email about it.  Fire up for Gearhead, it's always great to support your local bike shop!

And for those in the know:  Ted Herget finished the insane 100 MILE mountain RUN in 17:38...that's 17 HOURS and 38 MINUTES last fabulous is this?  AND he was 2nd...YOU ROCK TED and fabulous support WIFE AMANDA!  Yay for Ted and Amanda! :)

Gearhead Outfitters and Cycle House, 231 S. Main Street, Jonesboro, AR  72401

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